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Apr 14, 2004
hey, I just noticed your new logo, tells you how much I have been on lately ,or my keen sharp eyes need new specs..............very come yours has moving parts?
Pals Mike can do just about anything. Smart guy. Did that one Apr.9 when the grandaughter was born. I'll switch back and forth every once in a while.
Rumours of my intelligence, are GREATLY Exagerated!


Besides that...
If I show off ALL my hidden talents,
The wife will expect things of me.
trying to keep us on our toes...I was jealous, I want my butterflies to fly........
I could say something but being a gentleman I won't.
... I'm suspicious that rumours of AL being a gentleman may be exagerated as well... hmm maybe my airplane will fly too!

Real gentlemen don't have flacid hoses that drip... :wink:

Theresa...I'll have movin Butterflies for you tomorrow. :)
Mike you are a sweetheart....thank you!...just be prepared to hear from T-bear about moving planes.......and any commentary from Al, especially in regards to your comments...

Thanks a bunch..........................
Actually for an old retired guy with ALS you had that stream of water going pretty good. I've already spoken to Theresa personally about her flying butterflies. And always a gentleman to the ladies.
I have decided why I really like this forum. It is a place (generally) where people joke with each other, support each other, and kind. It seems like there is so much criticism and negativity out there in the world, this is a group of people that has learned to appreciate life and to make the best out of the worst and genuinly care for each other. I just love to "be around" all you guys!

Well, the sun is back out here in Michigan. Seems like spring might really be rolling in this time. I even mowed the lawn last night! Happy days to you all.

Les, it was good to see you post (on some thread here recently). Seems I haven't seen any posting from you or your wife lately....hope all is well. Melissa

Will this work for you?


Tbear...I'll see what I can come up with (Assuming you were asking for an animated plane). What's your favorite plane?
thank you, you have no idea how much I needed that today! are brilliant....just make sure T-Bear doesn't crash into us..

melissa, we have our funs days around here.....gotta.....
... thanks Mike... I was just kidding... but if it was going to be done I'd animate the bear's hand to a wave and leave the RV-7. Don't worry about it... I suspect you'll be inundated with more requests than you'd like soon enough.
CHeers and thanks
Too late!
Already had it done before I read your post...D'oh!
So I made 2...

This one

And this one (as per your 'semi'request)

Hope you like 'em.
(btw - Is it 'TBear' or TB'Air'? hehe)

Theresa - Glad I could help improve your day.

Anybody else want one? I've certainly got the time and I don't mind helping out.
I gotta keep busy - or else I'm chasing Andrea around the house...NEKKID! :shock:
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