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Feb 1, 2008
How can one distinguish between als and a neurovegetative disorder? Are they similiar at some points?
I have numbness in hands at night, stiffed hands other times, during day recently they are dried and week, I also have cold sensations, shiver in back and spine, I feel tired and week, I also have some fasciculations, but most of all tremor and shivering, cold, weekness, and I feel very sick, I feel miserable but unable to get a proper diagnostic. Neurologists told me it is a neurovegetative disorder? I am not so convinced about that. What do you think?

I also have a question, when one has als do you feel sick all the time, weak and heavy, fatigue, like falling dowm, shivering, does flesh tremble, are you cold a lot of times? (besides of course the standard twiches and fasciculations, but are they accompanied by the rest of symptoms?)
hi,im sorry you are feeling so unwell.
als is a neurodegenerative desease ,these are deseases that are nonorganic and progress.i do not understand what your neuro means,neurovegetative disorders tend to be psycological,the deseases of the cns that cause psycological problems are things like huntingtons desease. i would not be happy with his vauge diagnosed and get a second opinion for a definate diagnosed. it does sound to me you may have something viral going on.
please see another neuro.
thanks very much Caroline for your reply. The fact is that I have been to so many neurologists that I can't trust them anymore. Some of them said neurovegetative disorder, others said spasmofilia, other said it is nothing (?), anyway, I feel very bad, and I don't know were more to go. I asked all of them if this might be als, but they said no, bcs it doesn't look like, but I am afraid it has some things in common. I will try to take the medication they precribed like calcium, magnesium, milgamma, but also I will have a muscular biopsia, I was wondering if this test is relevant and can indicate if it is als or not, and also if it is dangerous in anyway/
Thanks again
have you had neuro exam? if so what are your reflexes,balance,sensations etc like.
have you had mri/ct scan/emg/nvc ? you did not mention these.
i do not know what the neuro facilities are in romania even in uk not all hospitals have mri,s etc.
Akka. A muscle biopsy takes a small piece of muscle usually from the leg ( I think) and is usually the last test they would do if they thought you have ALS or want to prove that you don't. Depending on the stage of disease there are changes in the muscle but even this test is not 100% for sure for ALS. Some of your symptoms sound like a virus or bacterial infection. Don't give up hope yet.
Well, in fact, Al, no doctor wanted to prescribe me a muscular biopsia, even if I insisted. They said they do not have clinical elements to ask a muscular biopsia. But, Al, I feel my hands weak and sometimes a little tremble when trying to handle small things, and also they are dried. I thought that if I have this muscular biopsia, I had to convince a surgeon to do it withoiut presription..., and if the result is ok, that at least I will be sure it is not als. Do you think that if the test will be ok, will it be 100% sure that it is not als?
Well, in Romania I think and realise now it is better never to get ill, to have a serious disease, or most of all a rare disease, something more frequent than a cold beeing a nightmare for any patient trying to find a good doctor.
I feel also like having a virus or something, and that's why I also asked if you think that als might be a virus. Of course I will try to do all relevant blood tests, but imagine that I have been to the best virusologist here and he said I am too attentive at the functionning of my body and that I should go do yoga, ha said there is nothing...can you imagine, I have moments when I can not even get out from the bad, my hands are burning at night, I tremble and am very cold, and that idiotic creature is sending me to do yoga instead of doing me some blood tests, but I will go see another, and insist, or go in other country to have some investigations.
Olli, I had EMG, they said it is ok, and also clinical examination, they also said neuro-vegetative disorder. But if it this it will appear on a electro-encefalo-gram, that show the brain activity-, I doubt that it is that and that's why will do the test to havethis clear.
What other tests do you advice me to do? Please, write it in details , bcs I don't know all the initials
Thank you so much,
Olly, what tests are these? : mri/ct scan/emg/nvc , except from the emg I can not realise what are the others, what do they show?
In fact I am searching another country to go for a proper examination.
mri and ct scan will scan and look for abnormalities in brain/spinal cord.
nvc is nerve conduction velocity test and test for neuropathy/ nerve block etc.
the burning pains and numbness sounds like a localized infamation of nerves like neurites or siatica. these test will tell if theres nerve inflamation or a trapped nerve in neck/spinal cord. this is something you should be looking into,its definatly not a neurological desease. all the best.
Olly, what tests are these? : mri/ct scan/emg/nvc , except from the emg I can not realise what are the others, what do they show?
In fact I am searching another country to go for a proper examination.

mri is magnetic resonance imaging/tomography. the machine looks like this:

ct (computed omography) scan is CAT scan. the machine where they pass you through the spinning ring. it looks like this:

those are both used to take pictures of your insides--like an x-ray, but much better because they pictures at different depths and of different things.

ncv (also called ncs) is usually done in conjunction with emg. often they refer to emg+ncv as simply "emg". the part with the needles is emg. the part with the electric shocks is ncv.

Are you eating well? What you are describing might be something missing in your diet...
Did your doctors check all of your hormone functions? Did they check you for Lupus?
Siusk, I am eating well, my diet is ok, analysis seem to be fine. But I have this shiver, cold, tremblings, few fasciculations, and like a tremble in all my flesh. I will have all my analysis, but I hope that it will go away.
Thanks for your advices, they are helping me a lot.
low thyroid can cause these types of symptoms and so can Lupus....Good luck and hope you feel better
Thanks again Siuska, I will check my tyroid. But also my hand are hurting, and at some moments of the day the flesh is getting hot and red, like an interior suffering, and they are week (the palm and fingers and upper side), so I am scared that this might be a kind of atrophy of smth similar, but it is more like in inflamation or interior infection of the hand, wich is veru strange. So next week I want to have a muscular biopsia in my hand, even if no neurologist prescribed it. I feel a very unpleasant phenomen in my hands.
go to the doctor and have ALL of your hormones checked...i have a pituitary tumor and sometimes i don't produce enough cortisol and i can tell because i have painful joints everywhere, get dizzy, unsteady, weak and get low blood pressure...go have your hormones checked...either it will test positive which is good!it can be treated!, or you will have ruled out something out that can cause neurological symptoms.
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