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Sep 19, 2006
Hi, My name is Lisa Im 36 yrs old. Symptoms started about 18 months ago. First Spell ( i call them) happened with left side weakness. Went to ER and blood test and caat scan were ran and results were normal. I thought nothing more about it until 4 months later experienced left side weakness again in leg and arm. This spell included fatigue, creepy crawly sensations and some mental confusion.
Went to family doctor and he decided to do blood work and MRI of brain( without contrast) MRI was normal and only blood test that was abnormal was ANA titer slightly elevated. Was referred to neurologist, Again symptoms dissapeared. decided to go ahead and visit Neuro. He ran blood test and EMG. Blood test were ok But EMG results read examination was performed on upper and lower extremity muscles . There is noted chronic neurogenic changes seen in tibialis,gastrocenius, and hamstring muscles, also seen in FDI biceps,triceps, and adductor longus muscles. This is an Abnormal Study.
THis visit was in DEC 2005. Ny neurologist decided to do a Biopsy , But before I could get that done my husband and I moved to South texas and lost my insurance. So, In the last six months my spells have progressed and come on more frequently. Including Fatigue, Left side weakness, Arms and Legs, numbness in feet , creepy crawly sensations, Blurred vision alomg with eye pain in right eye. Mental confusion.
I should be back on insurance in the next month or so. I hope to get a diagnosis. If anyone could give me thier opinion on what they might think is going on. I would so much appreciate it.
Thanks so much for your time.Sorry if this is to long.:)
Dr. visit needed

Sorry for your circumstances. Being,without Ins. is not fun when u are desperate for answers. We are not doctors and unfortunately ALS has no cure. I can only advise to get your needed Dr. appointment/referral. Self diagnosing via a chatroom like our is not a good choice.

We can, will pray for you.

Thank You for your prayer. I know I am not able to get diagnosis in a chat room, I was just hoping to get some ideas on if these were similar to symptoms of ALS. Thanks for your time.
One abnormal study does not make a diagnosis. I'd try not to freak out too much before you get the full range of tests done. Take care. AL.

Hello. Just hang in there until you get back on your insurance. I know it can be scary not knowing what is going on. We have been in the process of getting diagnosed for over a year and it may take a lot longer. Maybe in the mean time you can contact the local hospital and find out some information about the doctors and programs there. It might be helpful to know what health plan you will have with your husband's new job. Many health problems can mimic others so hopefully yours won't be AlS/MND. Take care and I hope you are able to find some answers soon.

That stuff about the eye makes it sound like a Myasthenia possibility. It sure can mimic ALS but is definitley treatable and diagnosable. You need to get back to the doctor asap. My neuro is fairly well convinced that I have "bulbar palsy" even though he can't formally diagnose it yet, but he has me doing the injection test for Myasthenia tomorrow--just to be sure--and I don't have any of the eye-related stuff. Next week the swallow test. Then off for a second opinion at the als clinic--if no explanation out of the MG test and some additional bloodwork.
David L

Thanks David for your response, I am suppose to see the doctor soon. I shouldnt have let my insurance drop. But really I think it was a denial thing. I graduated from a nursing program inbetween seeing the Neuro the first time and let my husband drop me from his insurance. I was eager to go to work. I did but lasted 2 months before my symptoms started again. SO My husband and I have decided that I need to really do something about my health issue.Then Later I can get back to work, taking care of other people . It is what I love to do.
Just not knowing is the hard part. But
I have Faith in God everything will be fine......
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