ALS it's About Loving Someone

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Oct 13, 2004

They're finally here!

Inspired by a friend's signature (Kim :wink: ) I read on this forum, I started working on this little project about a year ago now and with the incredible help from Jane Rivest (ALS Society of Alberta ),
I'm happy to announce...

The ALS Society of Alberta is now offering bracelets to increase the awareness about ALS and help raise funds to support those living with this disease.
These bracelets can be aquired for a minimum donation of $3 per bracelet.

There are a few ways to get them.

Email me - And we'll make the arrangements.

Order Online -
Geez Mike sure would sell them 2 bucks cheaper than in Ont. I guess $3 Alberta dollars is the equivalent to $5 Ontario dollars.
Hi Mike and everyone,

I took a little break from the forum to try to shake to cobwebs from my head and to breathe. I missed all of you and your wonderful banter and posts. What a wonderful tribute to Kims ALS phrase. I also used it in my euolgy at Henrys funeral. Many, many people thought that the use of that phrase About Loving Someone was so meaningful. Kim really hit it right on the mark with those words. She will be so honoured and so proud that her catch phrase will be a national logo for this als thing. What you are doing is wonderful as well. We all wear our als bracelets everyday here. It is amazing to me still how many people do not know what als is. You would think that in this day and age it would be common place, however, it isn't. So, these tokens surely do generate awareness and talk about just how much we need funding and public awareness to wipe out this illness. Kudos to you, and kudos to Kim, I am so proud of both of you.

Stay Strong.....

Love, Carol
This is wonderful, incredible, exciting! I know I havnt posted for some time but I have been reading the forum. I just tapped in today and saw my About Loving Someone and wondered what it was all about and now I see this wonderful purple bracelet which without you even knowing is my favorite color because it displays a warm comfortable feeling. I am thrilled that you took this upon yourself and came up with this outstanding innovative idea. I remember when I started thinking about the 3 letters ALS and I came up with many ideas but About Loving Someone seemed so fitting and right from the heart. Now it will be displayed and worn for all to see and hopefully feel the way I did when my little idea popped into my head. This is caring for the people with the disease thats what it is all about. Kudos to you Mike. Thank you from myself and of course my freind and inspiration Tim and a true spirit who I never met but will some day Henry Deboer.
ALS About Loving Someone
Kim, your expression was and is inspiring, I thought of it often as I watch so many courageous people deal with this tragedy. You will be known around the country as the person who 'coined' the phrase, one the ALS Society around the world should adopt if there isn't one already. If there isn't, how do we go about doing so?
Hi Theresa,
All I know now is that when someone asks the question what is ALS I will begin with its About Loving Someone and that in itself will get anyones interest and the ball rolling for follow-up on the medical side of things. It would be awesome if this was adopted as the coin phrase as you put it and I think what Mike has achieved so far will begin the journey for everyone who does not know what ALS is. If every ALS society gets on the bandwagon with this it will begin to be a future achievement for all women, man and child to finally know what ALS is instead of being on the back burner. We will finally increase the heat and succeed on educating and learning from all what we can do, where we can finally go and maybe find a cure for this disease. The people with ALS are multiplying fast, you can tell by all the new posts we have just here on this forum. Its time for the medical communitys and the beurocrats to really put their thinking caps on and do more research and educate the whys that this 100 year old disease is on the incline. There will be a day when we will get the answers we need and stop all the pussy footing around to get results. Right now we need to get those purple bracelets on and spread the word. What a wonderful way to do it and so simple.
ALS About Loving Someone
What a great slogan! It couldn't get to the point any better.

Has the ALS Society used the slogan for any promotional campaigns? I would love to get some materials and bracelets to distribute in our hospitals. I am sure the nurses would even wear them if they are allowed to. Jack's case was the first ALS case in our area that anyone is aware of.
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