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Jan 5, 2023
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Hi All, I have stayed away from forums over the last 18 months but if I can ask one question and get your valued opinions it would be great.
I started with various symptoms in July 2021. Starting point was twitching, random pain and stiffness. Twitching started everywhere all of a sudden. Everything has come back clean. Emg and clinical plus autoimmune blood work. Emg was Feb 2022 and last clinical was Oct 2022. Since July 22 I have had issues with my knees and shoulder and pains / stiffness in all my joints which makes it hard to walk. I had an MRI showing muscle tears in my knee and shoulder and I know this is spreading to other areas as I feel the muscle feel weak and as if they are ready to tear further. Was left side and moving to right. No reason for muscle tear from work etc. I am only 44 and not in a labour intensive job nor do I over excerise. I now also have an urgency to urinate at night and have sleeping issues with pain and breathing problems when lying on my back and sides. Twitching continues.
Long story short, after EMG clear and clean clinical clear without visible wasting or clinical weakness could my muscle problems be down to the start of ALS weakness. Is muscle tears a common feature of ALS?
Doctors and neuros comments are benign but the muscle tears are a concern.
Appreciate your comments and I pray for your comfort.
Great news is that muscle tears are not a presenting symptom of ALS.
It sounds like your doctors have repeatedly told you that you have no symptoms of ALS and all tests that would show it are clear.
Hope you get some answers but muscle tears would send me towards physio or ortho or rheum specialists not to neurologists.
Really appreciate the response
Thanks for your help
Hope your doing ok
Tks Paul
I would ask about referral to a medical geneticist to rule out a connective tissue disorder.
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