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Mar 16, 2019
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Hello everyone. I'm new on here have alot of fears and anxiety about ALS.

I have not been diagnosed. I've had four opinions from 4 different doctors that say I do not have that. I do have an EMG schedule in 3 weeks.

I've been having a lot of pain in my legs feet arms. I would say minimal weakness. I do have minimal cramping. Not severe but memo cramping with spasms.

I experienced my first symptoms about a month ago. I went to my PCP and he did an exam and said he didn't believe I had it but send me to a neurologist. He did a physical exam and said the same thing that there was no way I had it. Then I wanted a second opinion so I went to the nurse practitioner for the neurologist office. She said the same thing that she didn't think I had it but she did schedule me for an EMG. The problem was they could not see me until April.

I have went to a rheumatologist and he's done a lot of blood work on me and found nothing certain.

Days like today I'm in so much pain. I'm just really concerned and it's eating me up with anxiety so bad that I have to see a psychiatrist and be on anxiety meds. So basically I just need someone to talk to and to ease my fears may be a little bit.

It has been fired up that I might have fibromyalgia.
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You've had 4 doctors tell you "no ALS". That seems pretty definitive to me.

If you have anxiety about ALS so badly it is taking over your life and you are unable to believe 4 separate doctors, an ALS forum is the absolute worst place you can be. Please do not seek emotional support for health anxiety on a forum for for a terminal disease- that is so very inappropriate for your needs. There are many health anxiety support forums out there- I think they would be WAY better for your state of mind. You would be getting support from like minded people there and not from people who come to an ALS specific forum to get support themselves for the issues that arise from being diagnosed with ALS.

Last- you mention pain. Pain is not considered part of the normal pattern of symptoms that indicate ALS should be a concern. Please read here: to get more information.

I'm going to ask that you not continue posting here. It will only feed your anxiety. Please seek help from more appropriate places like No More Panic and Anxiety Central.

There are five types of anxiety… dedicate some research into your
anxiety as much as you have apparently researched ALS.

Here they are…

Generalized Anxiety Disorder. ...
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) ...
Panic Disorder. ...
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) ...
Social Phobia (or Social Anxiety Disorder...)

The first two can be present together. OCD can develop from the
continuance of the first (GAD). Panic Disorder hits those who have
low tolerance handling crisis along with being anxious to begin with.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We have read in many DIHALS
threads where the poster has claimed their symptoms began after a
sudden accident, injury, surgery or sudden severe illness. (I’d guess about
98% of them did not have ALS being that we never heard from them

Social Phobia Anxiety is fear of being negatively evaluated against what
they believe they suffer and have shared with others, family, loved ones
and friends. They Neuro shop, pursue two or three EMGs not being able
to let go of their seemingly obsession that they have ALS.

Anxiety is not a terminal disease. It’s treatable, even curable and can
open a new world of living life well and healthy.

Just a suggestion… it's time to see a psychiatrist.
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I would just like to apologize. I wasn't trying to upset anybody by posting on here. So I won't apologize and I am in no way mocking what you guys have to go through every single day. Good luck to all thank you
So worried about ALS just want to know what other people have experienced

Hello everyone I'm new on here. For the last 3 months I've had a really big fear that I have ALS. It started with difficulty swallowing I looked it up the first symptom that came up was ALS. I then went to my primary care doctor he did a clinical exam and said there was no indication of it. But he did send me to a neurologist neurologist said the same thing after clinical exam. But in the meantime I started getting very bad spasms in my arms and legs. I decided to get a second opinion so I got one from the nurse practitioner for the neurologist office. Her conclusions are the same but did mention fibromyalgia. But in the meantime she did schedule an appointment for an EMG but it is not till April 6th. I am so worried it's ALS even though I've been told a number of times it's not. My symptoms seem to be getting worse as far as the twitching and the spasms and also have a little bit of pain. I'm just not sure if it's ALS or fibromyalgia cuz I was also diagnosed with that recently. Or anxiety getting the best of me. This morning I also felt like I woke up with shortness of breath but I'm not sure what it was thank you for any help I can get. Everyone have a great day
Hi there-

I have merged your new post with your previous thread- which is still open.

I will also repeat what was asked of you last time:
I'm going to ask that you not continue posting here. It will only feed your anxiety. Please seek help from more appropriate places like No More Panic and Anxiety Central.

This forum can not help you with what appears to be nothing at all like ALS. You need to be discussing your symptoms with your doctor and your psychiatrist in order to find tools to relieve the profound anxiety you are experiencing.
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