ALS dizziness and dizzy spells - loss of balance

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Mar 16, 2006
Hi everyone, my husband has developed dizzy spells whenever he lies down, and when he gets up to a sitting position, he said he feels as though the bed is spinning. It is so bad that I have to help him back to a sitting position, when he tries to lie down and this happens. Just wondered if anyone has had this problem, tried making an appointment with the doctor but have to wait until Tuesday. My husband was diagnosed with ALS in mid 2005 and is in a wheelchair.
Hi Elo,
I've never experienced anything like that but my first thought is perhaps he is not getting enough air. Too much CO2 can cause dizziness, but that's only a guess from a non-medically trained person. (Me)

It may also be something separate from ALS like an inner ear infection or something similiar.

Good luck!

Hi Mike 27, thanks very much for your thoughts on what might be causing my husband's dizziness. I did some research on this as well and it seems like low blood pressure and a few other things could cause this including what you mentioned. I will see what our doctor says next week.
And you called the nurse?

Dont know the particulars but why wait for the doc visit? My clinic/ Seattle, i call and say i want info now...sometimes i am polite...othertimes they understand the situation and i can get the releif by doing something really simple...
Hi Tracy, thanks for the tip, never thought of phoning the nurse at the clinic, will do that the next time. My husband's dizziness went away today, we are both relieved.

i felt like crap, couldnt sleep/eat, was being discussed for a peg. I said enough to the meds i was on and made the docs change all of them. they were inconvienienced, took 4-5 days of discussions and a couple of " lets try this....nope dont like it" but after about 30 days life was better. nope it didnt help the ALS but gained 10 lbs, could eat nachos and could think again....sometimes i talk to the nurses 2-3 a week and other times once in 3 months....hey outer limits is on today:-?
... maybe gaining the weight will help with putting off the PEG installation... although most of the people I've heard from over the years have been happy with the decision to have one installed.
Nachos sounds good though!

Thanks for reply

Hi Tracy, thanks for your reply to last thread. You and TBear referred to PEG, what is PEG installation?
Hi Elo. PEG is the fancy name for a feeding tube that is inserted in your stomach to feed you when swallowing becomes an issue.

Hello Al, thanks for the info, I have learned so much from this group.
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