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Sep 14, 2006
Learn about ALS
HI there, I have not been here for a while. After all of the tests, for A.L.S. I was just informed yesterday by Dr. Michael Strong at the A.L.S. CLINIC in London,Ontario that i do not have this dreadful disease, but i still have a disease called spinalcerrebellar ataxia. It is a fatal disease as well. but life span for myself will be extended. But, my battle will continue as well as the others on this forum and others. Like i have said many other times on here, I was going to fight this horrible disease, well the language of my disease has changed but will still fight on. That inner strength will always be within me, as i hope will be with u. I wll always be thankful for the support and concerns of others on this forum as well as family and relatives, new friends online. As far as im concerned im still family on here and i will always keep in touch. There is always HOPE, and my fighting irish spirit, the fire in the belly, will always be there. As far as im concerned i am basically fighting the same fight, for my life.
Hi Irish7 - A fatal disease is as bad no matter what they call it. I hope you find support for spinalcerrebellar ataxia but, speaking for myself (and I am not in charge around here) your thoughts and opinions will always be welcome on this board. Plesae keep in touch. CIndy
Well Irish: speaking as someone who is in charge (in part) I would be glad to extend an invite for you to stay around and keep us informed about your condition. I haven't heard of your diagnosis before but your symptoms did sound like ALS or a variant before. What you find out and let us know may help someone else get a proper diagnosis. We all know how difficult that can be. There are are many diseases that mimic ALS. The more we know about them the better we are able to help manage our care. Plus as you said you are part of the family and that is important. AL.
Irish -

The diagnosis may differ, but if the consequences and needs are so similar, we can still learn from and support each other.


Irish, My thoughts are with you. stay strong and keep fighting!

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