ALS Diagnosis - only lower motor neurons degenerated

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Jan 25, 2005
i have just been told i have als..however, the result of the tests i have done shows that only my lower motor neurons(motor neurons in the spinal cord) are dead or degenerated...can one be diagonised as an als case when his upper motor neurons(motor nuerons in the brain) are perfectly ok?...., although i have progressively lost power in my left hand since 6 months ago, i was shocked when i noticed that my left leg has started to drag and even signs of power loss in my right hand. please help, anyone, am 38 and my wife and i just had our first son and tons of plans about a blissful life ahead....


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May 25, 2004
NW of Toronto
Hi andreas. sorry about your bad luck and diagnosis. from wHat i Have read it is possible to Have tHe disease witH only tHe lower motor neurons affected. tHis is a good site for information from people dealing witH als. anotHer good site but smaller is tHey lean a little more towards some scientific discussions and treatments witH diet but tHey do Have a real time discussion forum for members tHat works quite well. tHere are some good web links to more information about tHe illness and tHere is a section witH jokes and Humorous stories. one tHing you need to do is keep your sense of Humor. witHout it you will lose Hope and tHat is tHe last tHing you want to do. welcome to tHe forum and i Hope we can Help you out along tHe way. take care.

Carol Deboer

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May 7, 2003
Hi andreas,

welcome. sorry to Hear about your diagnosis. it is sucH a sHock to be told tHat you Have tHis als tHing in your life. it sounds like you Have Had substantial power loss in your legs before diagnosis. i know tHat you can Have isolated als symptoms. wHen Henry was first diagnosed tHe doc told Him tHat it would stay in His arms, it would not move tHrougH His lower trunk and legs. well, tHat lasted for about 3 years, and tHen it spread tHrougHout His wHold body. tHe doc was surprised, as were we, because we were told tHat it would stay in His arms, a variant of als. anyway, as al said, we will be Here to support you and your family in any way we can. tHere is some realy good reading Here if you sift back tHrougH tHe arcHives. you will find some answers Here, but you will Have to Have faitH in your doctors, tHerapists, and family and support system. you will be in an utter state of sHock for a wHile, anger too. nobody wants to Hear tHat at 38, tHey are in for tHe figHt of tHeir life. we were diagnosed at 40, so i know exactly wHat you are going tHrougH. we Have lived it for 7 years, and you too, will make it tHrougH. we will all be Here for you at anytime you need to vent or talk. stay strong.... god bless.

carol d.


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May 7, 2003
ALS diagnosed

Sorry you were diagnosed at a young age. stephen hawking was also and is still here working 38 years later.

live everyday as if it were your last

everyone of us are here for you
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