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Apr 27, 2007
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South Carolina
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It Is Time For Each Of Us To Move Forward And Act On This Horrible Disease. Each Pals Must Give A Representative From Their State Information To Place In The Data Base For Record Comparison To Alleviate This Thief (als). We Can Do This, And By Providing The Information, This Disease Can Be Erased Permanently.

Our Loved Ones Have Not Died In Vain, Nor Can Our Present Pals Continue To Suffer Without A Cure Now. We Cannot Afford To Continue Another Day To Allow This Disease To Destroy Our Loved Ones. We Must Stand Together And Fight This With All The Knowledge We Have.

In South Carolina, The Als Registry Bill Is Part Of The Pilot Study To Determine The Best Way To Do The Registry. At This Time We Are Waiting For The Bill To Come To The Floor For A Vote. We Have 65+ Senators Co-sponsoring The Bill So We Know That It Will Pass. Hopefully, This Will Happen Right After The Thanksgiving Break.

We Can Learn More About Who Gets This Disease, Type Of Employment, Where They Live, Medication, Environmental Factors, Etc. This Record Of Comparison Nationwide Would Open Doors Rapidly And Hopefully Speed The Progress Of A Cure Of This Horrible Disease.

Please Think About This And Speak To Your State Als Representative, As Well As, Your State Senators. We Each Can Do Something And Try To Stop This Als Disease Now.

Prayers And Hugs To All,
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