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Sep 18, 2007
Learn about ALS

I never dreamed I'd be posting on here. And I hope it turns out I am crazy for even thinking about this. This is what I am experiencing:

-Occasional tingling and cold feeling in my right hand, especially when using the computer.

-Weakness or tired feeling in both legs. Sometimes there is a slight strain when I stand up after sitting for a long time. When I go to the gym and do leg exercises, I am weaker than I used to be. I have pulled or strained several leg muscles in the last several weeks.

-Cracking in my right calf and now the knee.

-Light headed and tired feeling. Sometimes when I start to walk, I feel like gravity is holding me back, like I am walking into a wall.

-Phlegm in my nose, sinus and throat. Had it for a while, then had a cold last week, and now still have the phlegm.

-I sometimes have trouble turning pages with my right fingers. This started shortly after reading that ALS and Parkinsons cause problems with turning keys or picking things up.

-Mild tremors / twitches more in the legs, but also arms, butt, neck. Again, I started feeling this within hours of reading about fasciculations and ALS.

-My right foot feels a little strained as I walk.

I have had these symptoms on and off for about two months. They all come and go, and I've had a couple of weeks where most of the symptoms disappeared.

I saw a neurologist who said my neuro tests were normal and said "I don't think you have ALS". I am having my EMG tomorrow and am scared both about the test and the possible results, or that I may not have an answer, or that I may not believe a negative diagnosis.

I have looked up all kinds of neuro tests, and am trying to self test myself, which is probably silly. I can walk on my toes and my heels, and I see no difference between movement in either hand or foot. I also did a typing test I read about, to type the number 0 as many times as possible in 10 seconds. Normal is 58 or 59. I am at 62-66. I also keep looking at my arms and legs, trying to see if one is bigger or smaller than the other. I can't tell anything.

I would love to hear any comments or hopefully reassurances about how I'm feeling. I realize its early and I've had few tests and it could be any number of things. But the prospect of ALS is really scary.

Thanks for reading and helping.
I made my first post similar to this last week. I am still scared, but no longer terrified. The people on this forum are really great - I am sure someone can tell you more about ALS and the symptoms.

Good luck with the EMG - I have to wait several weeks for insurance approval to have one done.

My only advice would be to not panic - as hard as that sounds - try to relax; the twitches just get worse with anxiety!

My best wishes!
ord1375: If you had seen symptons after you read about them - its almost certainly psychosomatic reaction due to anxiety. You dont have to even feel anxiety, it could be hidden and will show as a great trouble (like this).

BTW: I was so panic that I made PC program for testing my fingers stiffness - this test with keyes pressed during 10 seconds. It shows how many times you hit the key during this time and saves it to list :D

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