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May 29, 2007
Hello everyone, i hope everything is going good for all of you. I just wanted to ask if you guys can keep me in your prayers, for i am visiting a ALS clinic for the first time tomorrow. I am so happy to hopefully figure what is finally going on! Some of you may remember me i have been trying to stay away from the boards to keep stress levels down and just live my life. My appointment date was originally on the 30th, but was moved to the 23rd, which im not going to complain about. I am really scared about what is going to happen, i will post as soon as i figure something out. Thank you for all of your support, i hope to return with good news!
Good luck, and God bless, monkey!

Re Als Clinic

Hi hang in there,there is no easy way to handle this disease any way you cut it,my experience is a person has his ups and downs but somehow you go on.I was officially Dx with ALS on June 9,2007 but have been going to the ALS Clinic in Calgary for a year and a half.So far its my speech that is affected and I get very fatigued quite easily,but for now I still have my mobility so I guess I am lucky.Re the ALS clinic I have found that all my dealings with them has been positive,and I feel I am in good hands as they monitor how you are and I know I just have to make a phone call if I need something.So my advice is go with an open mind and know they are there to help even though some of the realities of this disease are not always pleasant to discuss and think about.Good luck and hang in there........Kevin
Hello Monkey- I hope you get great news at the ALS clinci today! Cindy
No ALS .. EMG was perfect was seen by one of the best I have BFS and I will leave it at that will post more later
How wonderful! We can always use a little good news around here. Thanks for sharing! Cindy
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