ALS causes by pollution, too?

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Oct 26, 2006
Noord Holland
Hi, everyone

I have a question...
2 of my friends have ALS, who lives in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy.
They grow up together in the same town and they are room mates as well.
One has it since 1 year ago and the other one started to have some pain 4 years ago and recognized as ALS just last week.
Unfortunately they both have same disease and the brother of one of them has a strange disease( nobody knows what the name of the disease is ) since 7 years ago. He has balls of pus and calcium around his neck and, often high fever, pain close to his neck and often heart attack. He is sharing the appartment with them... And he is my boyfriend.
In order to support him financially I live in Holland and am working.

I just feel it is a very unusual situation that everybody is sick in the same house.
It might be something more than bad luck or coinssident.
I don't know so much about Sardinia because I am not italian...but...
Has anybody heard about pollution in Cagliari or Sardinia?
I started to doubt about it because I saw a sentense on web;

"In searching for the cause of ALS, researchers have also studied environmental factors such as exposure to toxic or infectious agents."

From site
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If anybody knows something about it or if anybody has heard about people like my friends in Sardinia or Cagliari, please...


I don't have any useful information for you, but I didn't want to ignor your question either.

It does seem rather odd that two roomates (unrelated) would both get ALS.

It is my understanding that they don't know what causes ALS although I have heard that one type is family related (genetic).
There was an Italian soccer team that had a higher incidence of ALS than the general population. They think it was from the pesticides used on the grass on the soccer field. I have no idea where that was in Italy but with a little research I'm sure you can find it. Familial ALS is usually found in 5 to 10 % of the cases. Sporadic usually makes up about 90% of the cases and some researchers are leaning towards a genetic predisposition and environmental exposure as a possible cause for ALS. AL.
Hi, there
Thank you for reacting to my question.

It is just too hard for me to accept that my friends are sick..
Their family live in same town so they can give them warm care from their heart.
In south Italy it can take for long time untill the payment of social money got arranged. My friend has been waiting for it already for 6 months. And there is not enough job for everybody.. I want to stay close to them but I have to help them financialy so I live far away.

It is hard time for me but my friends and their family have much harder time than I have.

I don't know why all of sudden they all became sick. I want to try to make my own research to know what can be considerd as causes of ALS...

And Al!
I found the related article :

A big kiss and big hug for everybody.

Very good. I am glad you are finding information from reliable sources. That is important. AL.
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