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Feb 27, 2006
My former partner, now 35 years old developed als about 2 years ago.We separated in year 2000. This summer i started to get fasciculations all over my body, and they seem to get worse. I dont have any weekness but are stiff in the morning especially in one hand, and feel clumsy in the same hand.After christmas i also got cramps under my feet and in the jaw. About the same time i got the fasciculations i have been so tired, not fysically but mentally. Sometimes I have to lie down because I get so mentally fatigued.Is this mentally tiredness normal in als? I`m starting to think I have als too, and I know my sympthomes are not psychic. I did not know fasciculations was a symptom of als until I started getting them. I hav read about other couples who has got als, and I am wondering if we have been intoxicated. Is there anything I can do to check this out?
Re: ALS and toxines?


Hope no one here is annoyed at my bringing up this subject rather often - I do it only as a subject of consideration, amongst all other possible paths we are testing, trying and exploring in our search for way out of this dreadful situation:

There is a wide speculation that Lyme bacteria can be transmitted though body fluids - accounting for the multiple cases where entire families have tested positive for the bacteria. Usually, if one partner tests positive, then more and more likely - the other partner would test positive as well.

Reading your description of symptoms - they are so closely corresponding to Lyme infection, that it may be (just may be) worth while to explore that possibility also.
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Re: ALS and toxines?

From what I have been told there are only about 10 cases ever reported of couples getting ALS. I think you'd have a better chance at winning the lottery. Mentally ALS patients are supposed to not be affected. I have noticed some short term memory loss but from what I understand that happens to most p[eople in their mid 50's. Just a part of getting older I guess. In your case I would recommend a trip to a good Neurologist. Good luck.
Re: ALS and toxines?

Linken, your chances of developing ALS are completely unrelated to the fact that your partner did. You have the same chance as anyone else in the population, about 1 in 450. Your symptoms are compatible with a diagnosis of ALS but also with many other more common disorders as well. Al gives good advice, see a neurologist. You will have to first see your family doctor to get a referral, preferably to one that specializes in ALS.
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