ALS and Herpes

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Nov 5, 2007

I was reading about an association with ALS and herpes virus. Anyone else have any comments about this? Thanks cr
Hi Cari. I usually send new members to the search feature saying most topics have been covered. While some people have questioned the relation of ALS to a virus, this one has not been mentioned as far as I recall. I'd bet that it was a pretty far stretch to link it to that virus. Could you give us a link to the article? I'd be interested in knowing how many people they've found the pattern in.
I just read the post about ALS/HERPES. I know they haven't proved this but my husband had the shingles before he started getting sick(docs still say MND no positive diagnosed for anything yet & it's been since 04) Slow progression thank God. You can only get shingles if you had chickenpox & that is a form of herpes. Someday hopefully they will have tests for all these rare diseases.God Bless.
Cari - I was wondering the same thing the other day. Kind of how nice it would be to have a National Registry to connect the dots. How may PALS also have a form of herpes or have ever had Shingles? I am a PALS wth herpes and have had Shingles. Couldn't there someplace - a site - where PALS could click off EVERYTHING that applies to them. Seems like if we/they can make an international spreadsheet for Lithium then we could have an international spreadhseet for "dots".

When my dad started having symptoms of ALS he tested positive for syphilis in some tests. They traced it back to a blood transfusion he had for a bypass surgery and the spinal tap they did determined that it had not spread into his spinal fluid so gave him some vaccination and left it alone. I had done some reading at the time and saw that untreated syphilis is associated with movement disorder (nothing about ALS specifically that I can remember).

also just another thought, what about trauma/surgery.iv'e heard alot of people mention they have had this before they got ill. i had major stomach surgery 10mths before my symptoms started.
ALS Herpes connection

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your quick responses. I will do some research on this. One of my doctors feels its worth trying the drug Acyclovir but I am working so hard to detoxify and take care of my body that I am very wary of taking anything that has side effects. My progression with PBP has been slow and I feel its because of all the things that I am doing to stay healthy. Best to all of you, Cari
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