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Dec 10, 2007
I'm wondering if anyone else has had similar experience:
Back in '99, I was diagnosed Type II diabetic.
I was able to control it with exercise and eliminating white flour, beer, sugar--no meds.
About three years ago, I developed ALS.
Now I find my blood sugar stays normal (90mg/dL; HbA1c 5.1%) no matter what I eat.
Its as though developing ALS cured me of Type II diabetes...
Any PALS out there with Type II (adult onset) diabetes? Has your blood sugar improved since developing ALS?
Diabetes and ALS

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1992. I was diagnosed with ALS in 2006. I haven't any lowering of blood sugar. It could be because I party to much and eat all the good food that isn't good for blood sugar.:-D
diabetic type 2 and als

My dad has type 2 also and it was controlled by a change in diet also. Since his diagnosed with Als he eats what ever he wants and his blood sugar is normal just as yours. He eats choc. bars daily. Some days more then 1. We decided we dont care. He is going to live life to the fullest. Best of luck 2 ya. A terrible disease possibly curing diabetics. Interesting isn't it!

My husband Eddie has type II and ALS. He still has to take all kinds of meds for the diabetes or it gets way too high. Funny, he developed both diseases at about the same time.

AlS and Type II

To Ahands especially...
Rick, age 60, has T-II and is getting wonderful testing results following his special diet of high-protein, natural sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no white flour, no pasta or rice, high fiber diet. He has been on it two years now. The "brown" breads you buy are still half white flour, but there are two breads on the market that are totally without. Rick doesn't count caleries nor measure portions. He always makes the right combinations concerning having a fruit, for example, only along with a protein food. He can even eat 3 cups of popcorn if he eats two eggs first, or a dish of cottage cheese, or say, a piece of meat. He has four different fruits per day. I have been told by a couple of his doctors that we need to publish a pamphlet to the public. (maybe someday if I can spare the time.)
Rick has no pain. He definately has ALS and is a few years into it. (DX 10/07) He takes no meds. He used to have high blood pressure and take meds. He used to have diabetes numbers in the 200's. He used to catch colds and "bugs" easily. No more. And we believe that his diet helps hold back the progression of his ALS.
Rick does not drink, ever, nor does he smoke. We don't believe the diabetes or ALS brought on each other. It seems that his mother probably died with ALS rather than the MS she was DX with years ago before she passed. Therefore Rick's ALS is familial (inherited gene)
If we were to blame something, we would question the spinal meningitus he had as an infant , as a co-factor.... or the fact that he did two tours in Vietnam in the Navy years ago. There was Agent Orange among other things, and he had SO many innoculations that weren't previously tested on humans back then.
We wish you many more good days than bad, with much joy in them .... to all who read this. M
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