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Feb 11, 2006
Dear Readers,
Well like many on this site the doctors did many tests and concluded that my husband Stan has ALS. He has had difficulty with breathing for several years and had gone to several specialists, lung, and heart. Had been diagnosed with bladder cancer (which by the way has been in remission for over 1.5 years after treatment).He has also suffered for years (over 15 years ) with severe leg cramps. Especially when he did excessive physical work, and sweat. (I supposed he lost electrolytes through his sweat). The reason I mention this is that they all might be related to the recent symptoms. The first symptoms of his left leg having drop foot was about 14 months ago. He began tripping and having "different" types of cramps than in the earlier years. He went to the neurologist they did similar testing as outlined by many in this forum and the conclusion was ALS. Checked for lyme - negative. However he had high levels of cadmium in urine and cadmium/creat in blood.
There has been a lot of links shown with mercury and even lead and ALS, but no discussions linking this other heavy metal "cadmium".
Have any of you come across this association?
On "Eric is winning" and websites linked to his writings they suggest various detoxifying methods for heavy metals. Do any of you have suggestions for safe methods of removing cadmium?
(PS possible sources of Cd contamination....Stan in his early 20's worked for several years at an aluminium application plant. He was also a heavy smoker for over 40 years. Has not had a cigarette since 1990.His drop foot symptoms did not start until he was 73 years old, which by the way seems to be "old" for ALS onset)
His cramps have progressed to his other legs and recently has been effecting both hands. Weakness and muscle atrophy is in both leags and starting in his arms. Most pronounced in the left leg. He has great difficulty breathing, some days worse than others, but is not on any respiratory machines, just various puffers. No signs effecting the muscles in this throat and neck area yet. He also suffers from continuous constipation in the last year. In 1970's he had a bowel resection due to ruptured appendix and suffered from loose bowels all these years, and all of a sudden now the opposite! Do you think maybe he has suffered a form of malnutrition all these years and now the cadmium interfers with regular cell process manifesting itself as ALS?

I’d be interested in hearing back from the experts. Thanks for listening to my long winded story.

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