Alcohol and tobacco, makes ALS worse?

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Rob Kerr

Feb 18, 2008
I have heard that alcohol and smoking makes ALS worse and or could be one of the root causes. Has anyone come across any information about this? I have a very slow progression with the disease and my neurologist didnt seem to think it was much of a factor. I smoke less than a pack a day and drink a six pack of beer maybe on the weekends or every other weekend. I was wondering if anybody was in about the same situation and if quiting either produced any possitive benifits Thanks Rob
I don't smoke but on average would consume a glass of red wine every day. Weekends I may drink 5 or 6 per day. Hasn't killed me yet. Smoking is bad if you are starting to have breathing issues and could come back later to bite you in the butt. My opinion would be to quit smoking and drink more red wine. It's better for your heart.
The ALS is gonna get you anyway so be happy. Within reason of course.
Is there a problem with Lithium and alcohol? Just wondering.

First of all i have to say bluntly that i think that is rubish.....My father was an alcoholic and smoked since the age of 12......I certainlly am not promoting this behaviour however he lived untill the age of 80.My husband quit smoking 20 yrs. ago and quit drinking alcohol shorltly after he was diagnosed 4yrs ago.I dont think it made a difference either way he just developed a diversion to alcohol and didnt want to drink anymore.As of yet no one has figured out what causes als and i agree with al do what you want within moderation......GINA
With any of the anti psychotic drugs there may be interactions. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist if you use alcohol or any other stuff that might not be prescription.
The question I meant to ask is - is there an interaction problem with alcohol and Lithium? I guess the correct answer is to ask the pharmacist.

Yes- please do and then let us know what he or she says. Pharmacists are a great resource for these type of questions! thanks for thinking of that.
i stopped smoking 5 years ago and my recent lung function test was 120%. As for alchohol , i love a good few beers , i am English after all. I have had some of the best nights in my life with friends in the pubs / clubs etc.
do what makes you happy .
My mom smoked a LOT from the age of 16 until her death at 77. The dang things killed her: emphysema and lung cancer. Woman also drank like the proverbial fish. But no als. Glen, aside from a brief stint in third grade encouraged by his then 13 year old brother, never smoked. And yet the ALS/FTD took him at 58. Small sample but I don't think the smoking/drinking and ALS are connected. That being said... with ALS at some point you're going to have breathing issues. It might be good to quit now and give your lungs a break before that happens.
With the muscle relaxers I cannot really scotch and I get really loopy. Well; one might be ok if I am at home and comfortable, but I am a cheap drunk.
those are the best kinds of drunks, if you ask me! :)
I do not think there is a connection either and if you are diagnosed with ALS I say do whatever you want as long as it does not make you feel worse, we are talking about a time factor here for this darn illness 'WHOOP IT UP" !
I have read that smoking increases the risk of ALS but who knows what kind of study that came from. I agree with the majority that things should be done in moderation. If you are continually getting lung, throat or sinus infections or have trouble breathing you may want to change your habits to reduce the likely hood of complications. Drinking is good for you~ I read there somewhere too! lol I love myself a glass of wine Cheers~!
I have never heard a connection between ALS and smoking. I do still enjoy drinking scotch or wine. None of my Dr's have advised me to stop so I still have a few on the weekends. I enjoy it so I figure, life is short, do what you enjoy!
My PALS must have come across something about the smoking connection because on one of his REALLY bad days in the beginning, he told his mom that she gave it to him by smoking.
He didnt really mean it, but i knew that must have come from somewhere. That was 8 years ago.
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