Alabama Walk to D'Feet ALS

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May 6, 2007
Hello everyone, I want to let everyone know in the Birmingham AL. area that there is a Walk to D'Feet ALS scheduled for Oct. 27th. If your interested go to You can set up a personal page and fund raise, or donate. I have a page there under donate to a walker, Sherry Key. I know most of you are active in your local chapter so just stop by and see my picture, and most of all think of us as we walk that day. My children and hubby will be there to walk for me. Who knows I may go a round or two. If you want to come by and see what this is all about the walk will be at the campus of Samford University, Seibert Stadium. All the fun starts at 9 a.m.:-D . As always you all are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks, Sherry
Just a quick reminder of the walk in Birmingham AL. Oct. 27th. I encourage all of you to go out and show the outside world what heck you deal with and especially how we still live our lives. We laugh, we love and have our support from friends and family. We need to fight for the research to end this cruel monster. The Walk to D'Feet ALS is happening all across the USA. Contact your local chapter to see how you can take part. sherry
Thanks Sherry

Thanks Sherry for your post. I just E-Mailed them asking why isn't there a WALK in S. Alabama. The statistics are stunning here.

Hey Lori, Good to hear from you. How are you? And how is Tim? I just wanted to know I was thinking of you and hope all is going well. Keep up the good work. Go to the web for al. chapter and then my personal page we will see Jim and I on one of my dream vacations. Spending the childrens inhertance. Fondly, Sherry Key
Sherry, I Hope We Meet There
Hey Maggie, I hope we do too. Tell you what we will talk on this thread on Thursday and plan it. Probably under one of the goal post would be better. Do you have a personal page for fund rasing on I have a few more $$ to put in. I should make my goal. This my first year. Next year I will start earlier and the skys the target. Sherry Key
Hey Maggie, I think we should meet to the left of the registration desk, probably about 30 ft, as it will be crowded there. I will be in the middle of three Alabama clad family members, I'll be in Auburn gear. My illness is so far Bulbar onset. So, hopefully I will be able to go around or two on the track. My breathing and leg weakness keeps it to a minimum. I look forward to meet you. Anyone else who happens to read this thread and will be there come over too. It will be wonderful to put a face to my friends. Can't wait to see you! Sherry
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