Al wants a HUMMER!

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Oct 13, 2004
Al! Buddy ole Pal!

Theresa PM'd me and wanted me to show her 'How to give you a Hummer on the FORUM!' (of all places :shock: )...

Theresa...Here you go. How to give Al a Hummer.

Don't worry, it only seems kinky the first time.

Al, while most would agree, you are a very sexy man... :oops:
Alternative lifestyles are not my bag, baby!
Hi Al, I'll go for a ride with you! Not too happy with the colour but, when you want a hummer, colour is not of that great importance!

Good one, Mike, it made me laugh my butt off. Be careful what you wish for Al, you just got punk'd. lol

Love you guys, Carol
thanks did a great job, but is there anyway you can delete the thread and put the picture without saying a word on the other thread? I kinda wanted him to look down at postings and find it there.........any how?
Too late wise guys I saw it and agree with Carol. It is a sickly colour. I want CSI gray. And Mike I only go one way too.
Sweet Hummer.....I don't think the color matters....a hummer is a hummber! :lol:

Carol - did you have a good time on your vacation? You must be back home now since you're posting, or are you posting from somewhere else?

Our news is that my hubby broke his foot! He stepped off a ladder onto a crow bar and rolled his foot.....we've all done that eh! But, the x-ray shows a break in the back half of his foot, near the joint. It looks really nasty. He's not supposed to put any pressure on it and he's going to an orthopedic surgeon Wed. Of course, he's no good at sitting around so he's ditched the crutches and is walking with a cane. We'll know more Wed.

sorry Melissa about your husbands foot. Men are stubborn, all us females on here will attest to that.
Now, Al, did you not find the hummer funny even if you didn't like the colour?
Of course. I always enjoy a good Hummer. Can't say I've ever laughed about one though. And I don't think we are to be called stubborn. Just misguided sometimes. We have our point of view and it is correct. Even though it may be a little errant at times. But that is probably because of the pain which we are reluctant to admit. So there wise apple. LOL.
We (men) may not be right (all the time)...

But we are NEVER wrong!

Face it Al, you got "punked". Carol was wetting herself when she saw it, I set Mike up to help, even if he kinda twisted the words a bit. His way of adding to the humour.
Can't say I have taken a drive in a hummer however, they look interesting, would love to ride in one. Had some interesting trips in small cars however, for a later date.
We could debate men and their 'misguidedness' until the 'Hummers' come home, but I won't. Females have a more well rounded, balanced view of life, and if we weren't around to keep you all on the straight and narrow, you would be sunk! How's that for apples and oranges! LOL :lol:
Read Carols post about stubborn men, she is right on the money! But she knew how to turn it around by showing Henry, in her case, other options and the reasons for it. :D It takes a loving woman to tame the wild beast. Lee is yours, Carol was Henry's. So it is best to forfeit now, cuz we always win the arguement even if you are lead to believe you did.
Come on ladies, I need some backup. 8)
C'mon Al,

You know it's not the colour of the hummer that matters...
it's how smmoooth the the ride is! :lol:

Hi Guys,

How is everyone doing? Still on the hummer thing eh? Well, I just bought a brand new Dodge Durango. Nice ride. Wish I could pick you all up and show you what a "smooth ride" really is. ha. But, if Al wants a Hummer, thats okay too. I prefer the drink to the truck. Now that is smooth. Sorry to hear about Nathans foot Melissa. Men should not be climbing ladders. They do not have the graceful balance that a woman has and they tend to try to do things that a woman obviously should be doing. Men should be at the bottom of the ladder holding it while the woman does the job, right. Just my thought. Men think that if cannot be fixed with ease, use force. Am I right ladies? That is what gets them into much hot water most of the time. lol.. Have a good night all.

Love, Carol
Haven't heard of a drink called a hummer. Lee doesn't let me out much. What may I ask are the ingredients? Mike once again you speak the truth. Actually both Mikes are absolutely right. And I have never refused to hold a ladder for a lady in a skirt.
Hi guys,
I have to wonder about the drink too Carol I think I've never had one. Jeez now that I've said that its not what I think it is is it? I hope Al drinks lots of pineapple juice!lol
ALS About Loving Someone
Al... that's disgusting... I love it. I bet you've held lots of ladders at fires all over Peel. Some may even have had women on them!
Hi Guys,

Ah yes, a Hummer. You guys have got to try this drink. It is really good, rich, and smooth.


Coffee Liquer
White Rum
Vanilla Ice Cream

I usually make a blender full. 4 oz. of each liquor, and add ice cream to get the consistanty that you desire.

WARNING - After a few of these drinks, you start to sing. Humming becomes a thing of the past!

Enjoy, and let me know if you like them. Cheers.......

Love, Carol
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