AL and ALS Article and slide show

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May 25, 2004
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ALS slide show

Great slide show. It showed your body atrophying and yet your mind still sharp and clear. Good work and great voice. I hope you've been putting your voice into a voice bank. I agree with the breathing appartatuses

I used to go dancing through the DDT mosquito smoke when the trucks would drive through where we lived in the country. From 5-11....

Thank you to you and your wife for sharing this very intimite part of your lives Al. Whew!
Great slide show....well done. Anne
Who is that handsome guy in the wheelchair? Looks a lot like the same guy that tears around in his lawnmower...Cindy
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That was really a great, in-depth article! Slide show was terrific. Hope it raises awareness in your neck of the woods.
First thing I thought.

Getting up and around this morning, the first thing I did was think about all the heros on this forum. The caregivers and the men and women with MND's. I know I've said this before and I mean this from the depths of my heart. I am honored to be a part of this forum of heros. Again, thank you Al and your wife for sharing your lives with us.

I smiled when I read Cindy's post. :)

Your little grand daughter sure has your genes in her. She looked so content and happy to be with you. Simple joys and yet so profound....
Hi Al,
Very interesting article, and I loved your interview. Thanks for doing it - as you may remember, my husband was a firefighter for 25 years, and I believe it has contributed - if not caused - his disease. Interesting note - I was told that currently in Alberta, there are 5 firefighters diagnosed with ALS.
Hi Beaner. I do recall you teling me that. As the article mentions there has been no tracking done. Did your husband put in a workers compensation claim? It still can be done and I urge anyone that knows a firefighter to tell them to tell their co workers about it as well. Not every case gets reported to anyone.
The link for the article may have changed.
good job

Al what a great interview, our son is a volunteer firefighter, it makes me want to tell him quit, but like his dad, he is community committed.

You and your wife opened many doors and thoughts that I hope non ALS people will get some education from your interview.

Way to go AL and Mrs. AL
Cool article and slideshow Al! Hearing your voice was like hearing the voice of an old friend. It was also nice to meet Lee. Thanks for getting the word out. :-D

Al's voice

I agree with you Mike.
Al, you are amazing...thank you again and again and again for all you do. And, amen to what everyone else said about your voice -- you have a great smile, too! Sharon
Wow Al, what a great story and slide show. It was so in-depth that it definitely will gain any readers attention and get the word out. This is a huge step. I hope it gives you great joy getting this information out to the public.

And, it was certainly wonderful to see and hear you and Lee. Your grandchild has an uncanny resemblance to you.....good thing your nice looking! ~Leslie
AL it was nice to see your face after reading your post Your wife Lee loves you very much and it very obvious in the video. I am glad you are letting the public see a face to this disease, Thank you and God bless you and your family Pat
Although ALS has the physical journey that it takes. You appear to be a strong man and have that inner strength that is needed. You are wonderful! I have passed this Article and Video Clip on to my Family and others!

Another voice with a message that is heard. You are Amazing!

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