Air Quality in Calif. & PALS

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Sep 27, 2006
I posted a similar question on another forum, but thought y'all might be able to help.

My husband is going to San Diego in about a week and the air quality is supposedly hazardous. His breathing is very good at this point, but I'm worried that exposure to the particulates from the fires may cause his breathing capacity to deteriorate and he won't recover that capacity.

Any thoughts?
Hopefully in another week the fires will be out and it shouldn't be an issue. Will he be outside a lot or in the neighborhoods where the fires were? If so a filter mask wouldn't hurt if he can smell the smoke or fumes.
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Fires in San Diego

Hi Jimercat,
The fires are starting to subside now and the wind and some light (lucky) rain has helped. I talked to my friend in S.D. and it is still a bit hazy, but not terrible. They do say that when you can't see it, it is the worst. My kids activities this weekend were canceled for bad air quality. Have you looked into one of those living air personal purifiers? I have heard that they do help.
I wish safe travels to your family...
Thanks for your replies. Told him to take a mask just in case. Haven't looked at the news to see how the fires have died down...Thx
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