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Jan 28, 2008
'Ello there.

The name is breeby lou, and I am currently the caretaker for my mother, who is forty-three years young and is going to Houston soon to be poked, prodded, and diagnosed.

This whole thing is really rough on me, as I am only fifteen and dealing with the stress of my mother and what is to come in the future. She convinced me to get on here so I could vent and find support and whatnot.
Hi there. You're pretty young to be a caregiver but we've had others that were young and did great jobs. You've found a good place for information, venting and asking question about things that concern you or your mom. Feel free to ask. Welcome.
Ask us anything, Breeby. How much caregiving do you need to do for your Mom? Hopefully she is not too far along...Cindy

Well right now it's just chores around the house .. like the trash and the dishes and normal teenage chores, she's only got slurred speech and occasionally her foot will drag but I don't have to do anything for her right now.
Welcome to the forum breebylou. I lost my father in December to ALS and I am 20, and have two younger brothers (18 and 10) so I can relate to you in a way or being relatively young and having to do so much. I had to help my mum a lot (and still do these days) when dad was sick.

I can promise that you will be a lot stronger person than many of your peers from going through this. Brebbly- when and if (!) the time comes that your Mom needs more than just help around the house, agencies will step in with personal care. I think you are going to do just fine. And I am pulling for your Mom to not be terribly sick!:-D
Yes my nephew was 12 and it broke my heart knowing what he had to do for his mom. He is now a strong wonderful young man for it. This forum will be a blessing for you. There are so many wonderful caring people to help you. God bless you.
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