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May 14, 2024
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I’m a male, 24y/o caucasian guy. I started at 4 weeks with tingling in my arm and leg. I went to ER because i was worried and they said it was probably some injury due to i lift weights. I got some anti-inflammatory med and some muscle relaxant. I took this for 10 days but in the middle of that i got a lot of anxiety because i only got one X-Ray done to my spine. So i went to primary care doctor and she sent me a CT to do to my head just to get rid of my anxiety what don’t got better since i started to search and learned that for example MS is only diagnosed with a MR. My anxiety let me to a lot of panic attacks that got me worse symptoms. Atm i got some muscle twitching in all of my body and a clear fatigue with soreness in my left arm and leg. I got a feeling that my hand must to be everytime closed like always in punch position and sometimes i feel my ankle very weird. I got some swallowing problems where i can eat some foods but if i don’t smash them a lot i feel like they kept stuck in my esophagus and i have a permanent sensation that i need to barf.
I scheduled a consultation with a psychologist because i think i have a very severe health anxiety that must be cared but i still feel worried about what can this symptoms be and if it can ALS.
Anyway, thank u so much for this amazing forum and community.
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Hi Miguel-

Please read here: Read Before Posting, as it outlines why your symptoms do not point to ALS. Sensory issues (tingling, soreness) and gastro issues like nausea are not associated with ALS. It sounds like a good plan to speak with someone about your anxiety while you explore the source of your symptoms. Some can be caused by, or be made worse by anxiety, so getting some help there will provide some more answers for you.

Take care
Thank you Shift. Hope u the best and thanks for the advice! ❤️
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