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Feb 19, 2015
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Hello Storch. I'm probably going to be disliked by replying to your post but i am going to do it anyway.

When i read your post it seems like we have been through and experienced some similiar stuff, yet some differences. I have not experienced someone close as a brother die and i'm truly sorry for your loss. But my father is also alcoholic and my mother is perhaps the most stupid person i know, especially when it comes to economy and she took care of me and my brothers most of the time. We do also share many of the same symptom, though there is some importent differences as well.

You should know that stress, depression and anxeity can cause really strong physical and even neurological symptom. I belive based on your rough events you been through and the symtoms you have, atleast some or perhaps most problems is caused by your psycological state. I really recommend you seek further proffesional help or atleast try to talk with someone you know, trust and really listen to you. If you feel something else could cause your symptom, ofcourse continue to seek other answers as well but by don't underestimate the psychological effect on the body. I know it is a hell when doctors doesn't take you seriously enough as well, becuase i am in the same situation right know and i really think you should have pushed your neurologist more but i know it is not easy when you feel like crap.

People on this forum are very helpful and they usual give good advice or share their experience or knowledge about the disease but they are dealing with alot hypochondrical people or people with bad health anxiety (me 2-3months ago) and it can probably be tiredsome sometimes. In the end they can't do much more, they can't diagnos you, only a doctor can.

I personally regret posting my threads here becuase i feel i wasted both my time and those who battle this teribble disease. I will probably come back if i ever get a diagnos but until then i take my own fight elsewere. Why do i post now? I do lurk here sometimes to see people with similiar issues and see if i can add something useful/helpful.

Storch, you do what you want with your life, if you want to be a fighter/warrior or if you want to give up. But i personally think you can do alot good for this lacking world if you manage to get through your issues. You are young and have barely started your life yet (just like me).
I overcame my anxiety by changing view of life and death and ofcourse the lust to live becuase i know i got alot of potential to help people or even change the world somehow. You are no different, if you give up it would be surely waste of potential.

I lost myself in this post, apologize for any misspelling or gramatic faults. If you ever want to talk further i will be at your service. I fully understand the hell. the post didnt end up as good as i hoped but needed to get it out.

Robin Ragnarsson.
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