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Jun 28, 2003
:?: Within the past three months I have noticed an eye twitch that comes and goes. Yesterday the eye twitch came back, but this time it is much stronger and almost forces my eyes shut. It only lasts a few seconds, but for that short peroiod of time I cannot control my eye lid. Last week I noticed a twitch/cramp in the tip of my tongue. At first I ignored it, but it kept coming back about three times a day. I haven't experienced since then, however.
Out of curiosity I went on-line to look up eye twitches and started reading about ALS. I became immediatley freaked out. Then I started thinking back and realizing that within that past month when I have been speaking to people my speech has been slurred about a half dozen times. At first I was confused as to why I slurred my speech, but dismissed it as nerves.

I have experienced severe headaches for approximately a year and just had a ct scan performed last week to see if something nuerilogically abnormal was happening. The scan did not show anything significant, but a coloidal fissure cyst on my left temple. I a m not sure what a coloidal fissure cyst is, but I am trying to find out from my doctor as soon as possible. Throughout the years I have experienced various body twitches (usually in my shoulders) and cramping in my calves, which is very painful. Could anyone please give me any further information on my findings and let me know if I am a hypocondriac or if I have valid symptoms?
Thank you for any information you could provide.
Sincerely, Tamara

Dear Tamara,

The symptoms of ALS are many, varied and can be found in many other illness. Rather than live in fear over something that not many people can answer. Have your doctor set you up with a neuroligist then have the neurologist send you for an EMG test even that is not 100% definative. Ensure you are guiding your medical investigation. Tell the medical staff what is scaring you. I do not know much about cysts either but do know they can cause other symptoms and are curable right? (come to think of it so is hypocondria :lol: ) All the Best.
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