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Aug 10, 2005
Hello to all and a Happy Holiday Season....

I have not written in awhile... Things have been the same and dad is doing well thank GOD...

I need some experience and I know the best place to come is ALS Forums.... AL and his team is what I call us to the public....

I tend to overreact and before I get dad into worry mode I would like some feedback...

Dad over the course of this week was a bit horse, voice a bitt gurgled, coughing, and clearing his throat a bit... Well just Thursday evening the cold came.... He says his head feels stuffy, he blows his nose often (just reg. yellow gump and gop).... Continues to clear his throat and cough... So now what

Dad's coughing is strong, breathing is strong, normal 6am -8pm wide eyes around 9pm - 10pm he reads his paper and at 11pm or so he goes to sleep.... He awakens mabye once sometime twice to goto the bathroom...

So is just the normal tea, soup, rest, lots of water, orange juice and other liguids the plan or are meds a must?

I am so scared of him getting phnenmonia. This internet things is scary sometimes and not the best for me cause I read into everything.... I read that one person was fine and from a normal cold he was on a vent forever....

Please help I want to be sure dad is ok and is doing the right thing....

Hi Jen. At the first signs of a cold my docs have told me to get in to be seen. Coughing and snorting and blowing yellow goop is usually a sign of some sort of infection. Antibiotics might help if it is bacterial and you don't know so it's better to be safe than sorry. We are at a very increased risk of pneumonia because of a few different issues with ALS. Try not to worry but it is something that should be checked especially if he has any breathing issues.
Although colds are very serious to PALS, the fact that your Dad has a strong cough and breathing still will help him tremendously in dealing with a cold. When PALS lose the ability to cough is when things really get bad and any small virus or aspiration can quickly lead to pneumonia because their lungs cant clean themselves out any longer.

we are getting our flu shots on Monday, and my husband has had the pneumonia vaccine---be sure your Dad gets that one too, it is good for awhile, I forget how long.
Cheers, Beth
Hi Jen
I would agree with Beth and go for a pneumonia vaccine, get one at the same time as his flu shot. Make sure his cold is cleared up first.

There is a product sold up here (not sure if it's in the US) callled Cold FX. It's made up of a potent form of ginseng. I've taken it for a couple of years and the stuff works! I don't know if it's the product or a placebo affect but I do know I haven't had a cold in long time.

And hey! Don Cherry wouldn't steer us wrong! (For our American friends, Cherry is the spokesman for Cold FX and a hockey icon.):-D

Here's the US website:

Good luck and cheers!
Another great thread! What would us newbees do without all the advice and knowledge found on this forum? Thanks once again!
Well at least it doesn't cost $400 to $1200 for a month's supply like some "supplements" I've heard of that shall remain nameless here. AL.
Wow thanks everyone for your feedback... I had no idea that ths post worked. I was checking and checking and it never seemed to post....

Dad is much better now.... His cold is gone...

Thanks again and I hope that everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!

Thanks all for your replys.... I had not realized that this post went through... I tried to post this about 20 times one day and it never went through. Then things got to busy I had not had a chance to get on the computer....

Dad got rid of the cold.... Now with being around the little ones, running around, and the weather changes in NY that little cold is back to the stuffy noise, the post nasal drip sort of speak..... He does not cough much really it is just stuffness and he is anal so he is always blowing and spitting that nasty stuff out.... The thing I get concerned with is that the few coughs he does have are a bit wet sounding does this mean it is in the chest?

He seems to feel fine just sounds congested and has post nasal drip..... Pretty normal for anyone I would think?

Thanks again and Happy New Year
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