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Jan 21, 2008
Learn about ALS
Hello all

Great site, I find it very useful.

Im a 28 year old male.

I have problems typing with both hands. I get cramp when typing for short periods of time or writing. Some days my symptoms feel fine. But other days it can be awful. I am also having problems when walking. I cant explain it other than my left leg feels weird. I've been having problems now for over a year. I am also getting twitches throughout my body, although these are not continuous. I don’t see obvious weakness. I can grasps and pick up heavy objects.

I've been to see two neurologists who did a MRI scan, x-ray of neck and various strength tests, blood tests and they informed me nothing serious was apparent. They did inform my reflexes on my left side were slightly more brisk but this is common for all. I've had enough of doctors and neurologists who think im a hypochondriac.

I just want some answers what could be causing these problems. I am worried about ALS due to problems im having with my limbs and the twiches.
hi Qasam

firstly, your not a hypercondriact. they try to make you think your ok or its all in your head when they can't explain what it going on.
in mnd or sp/hsp mri's are usually normal ,so a normal mri does not mean anything. the same for most other tests. these illnesses are suspected after ruling everything else out.
i would think brisk reflexes on one side would indicate something is going on.
try and find another neurologist you feel comfortable with who listens to your concerns,and stick with them as they need to see the course of progression.
if you have any questions please ask us and we will do our best to try and help.
take care
I agree with olly.....stick with it. We know how our bodies felt in the past more than the neuro's. I am sure you can at least feel when something isn't how it was. I am not saying it's PLS or ALS or anything, but if you truely feel something is wrong continue to go to doctors for answers, otherwise you'll go crazy reading symptoms on the internet.

Good Luck and keep us informed.

Your not a hypochandriac, does your left feg feel stiff or crampy?
Als is a process of elimenation, and there are many, many things that need to be ruled out.
So don't jump the gun to ALS so fast you will drive yourself nuts.
Having cramps and twiches for over a year without having any weakness or atrophy is a very good sign.
like everyone else said find I nuero that listens to you, or sometimes with this stufff the nuero's need more symtoms to apppear. You might wake up one morning and totally be fine.
Take it easy.....
There are good one's out there....

I was lucky enough to have the first neuro that I was sent to say to me, "I can not even begin to imagine how your legs must feel by the end of the day". That was during the conversation that he knew he was over his head and he was referring me to an ALS specialist. It was at that moment that I relized maybe something serious might be going wrong.
My leg does not feel crampy or stiff. Its a weird sensation. I can run fine.

What does worry me is when I'm sitting down I' ve noticed my left foot turns over onto its side or when I laugh my face muscles hurt.
I can't looks like I'm the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz if I try (they are just too stiff and don't really move in that nice flexible, everything working togeather motion). On top of that it wouldn't take long for my feet to drop and scuff, then over I would go face first.
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Thank you all for your reply's. Your advice is welcomed. GOD bless you all.

I know that the last thing that you want to hear is that it's probably tension, but it probably is. Many of the symptoms you are describing I myself am experiencing and I have nothing.

Since my mom's diagnosis almost one year ago, I have had twitches all over my body and my leg just does not feel right and my face muscles hurt when I laugh and I NOW know that all this is the added stress that has entered my life. It so happens that if for some reason I go out and am seriously caught off guard by not thinking of it, then I don't even notice any symptoms. Everything stops. Now you may be thinking that this does not happen to you, but you are probably so worried about it that there is no relaxed time in your life.

You are not nuts...or maybe just a little like all of us! Have you an EMG? That seems to be the sure fire test for ALS and it will hopefully come out negative so the Neuros can begin to look elsewhere. It took countless MD's in a variety of areas to finally say I have PLS.
No i have not had a EMG yet. The last time i saw a Neuro was back in January. I do have a appointment with them in October. I wished i never came around ALS on the web. It worries me too hell.
Maybe it will help to remind yourself that ALS is a very rare disease. It does not seem rare around these parts, but 1-2 in every 100,000 means the odds are in your favor that it is something else.
Thanxs for all the help. Your wonderful people.
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