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Oct 7, 2004
:?: Has anyone tried acupuncture along the 'nerve pathways' to slow or treat motor neuron disease? We know a doctor who successfully treated a stroke patient that had been paralized, and the patient was returned to walking again.
Hi Snowbird,

My dad has had acupuncture treatment a few times now. He says he feels really good afterwards and for the next day or two. His decline is continuing though. It makes him feel as though he is doing something and if that lifts his spirits and makes this darn thing any easier to cope with then I say go for it. If you feel that it may be beneficial then try it - it won't hurt.

Hope everyone is doing okay. We are having another beautiful day on the east coast. We didn't get summer in July, but we have been making up for it the last few days.

Take care all - keep posting - it is so important for people to have somewhere to turn for advice, encouragement and support from people who "have been there, done that !".

Bear 2
Good Saturday morning to everyone. After a new hard drive and new memory I am up and running again. The computer actually. Not me. No more jogging for me. Anyway while getting this new drive I lost all the email addresses from the people on the Forum. Could the people that have emailed me personally send me a short note so I can put you back in my address book. Looks like we may be starting a support group in Brampton for Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon. I'll post more details as I get them. Have a good Thanksgiving. I know some of us might not think we have much to be thankful for but at least you can be thankful for the members and friends here.
:D Hey Snowbird, (got to be something to that name!)

We have had extensive treatment with accupunture. We went to a master Doc. in <a href="">London</a>, at the Chinese Acupunture Clinic. Henry went 3 times a week for almost a year. Did it work? Well, I tend to think that it kept him on his feet for a year longer that he may have been. It is a costly endevour though, with each treatment running about 55-60 dollars. And then, of course, they want you to buy their herbs. Well, then theres an added cost. Anyhow, Henry seemed to be stronger after each treatment and that was all that mattered to me. We had a friend that was paralyzed in a <a href=" diving&v=56">scuba diving</a> accident in l997, he was told that he would never walk again. In the hospital bed next to him was a chinese lady. Her father or brother did acupunture. He told John that he would like to help him. The tradidtional doctors said no way, that he would be in a wheelchair and that he would never, never, walk again. Well, the friend started to give John treatments, and over the course of weeks, started to get feeling back in his legs. This accident happened at the beginning of the year. And in June, John drove from BC. by himself, and surprised us at our doorstep.! He was not only standing, he was walking...Imagine our surprise... It was a blessing and a <a href="">gift</a> from God. So......You ask if you think acupunture is workable? Absolutley, yes ! Done by the right qualified person. I still get treatments for my sinuses, and it works great, no medicine on the market is going to do for me what those needles do. As I said earlier, I believe that acupunture kept Henry on his legs for a lot longer that he would have been. It really does wake up those nerves and nuerons in a way that meds won't. It is not for everyone, but, it never hurts to try something new either. Have a great thanksgiv
:twisted: Hi everyone,

Those stupid little pop ups, they truly are the devil, aren't they? Sorry for the messed up post, but I think that you can still read it. ( after a few beers ! ) Anyway, HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL....... OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH ALL OF YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES TODAY AND ALWAYS. ENJOY YOR DAY !

Love Carol D.
Not a peep out of anyone since Monday? Is everyone still asleep from the turkey dinner? We are trying to start a support group in Peel Region. We will be having our first meeting in Brampton on Nov. 1. If anyone wants more details contact me through this forum or at [email protected] It will probably start at 7pm and run for a couple of hours. First meeting will be fairly informal. Some interest has been shown by people with ALS , some caregivers and friends that we met at an ALS meeting last week. Hopefully there will be others from this posting. So I'll post more about the meeting when it gets closer and more details have been ironed out.
Hi Al, and everyone. Can't you hear us snoring? Maybe it was the wine with the turkey that knocked all of us out! Me, my excuse is one day off, and the public thinks we have been closed for a month. And of course one computer for four people.
Please supply myself and the group with the information for November 1. I would like to attend if at all possible.
Hmmm....acupuncture for sinus'? I'll have to check that out. I have some terrible sinus trouble that gives me constant headaches etc. How do you find a "credible" acupuncturist?

Hi Melissa,

Glad to hear from you at home, and here on the forum. I wondered how things were with you and your hubby. You sound like you are still in limbo with his health. It is a bummer to live that way. I wish only the best for you and for him. Yes, acupuncture keeps my sinus problems at bay most of the time. It is a wonderful thing, that these needles help. Not painful to get it done, if done right. I do not know about the States, but I would find a acupuncturist via a friend , family doctor, or a certified source. A lot of chiropracters in Canada are trained with this practice. So, you kept the kitty, eh? Good for you! Did you have a good summer? Glad to see you back here. I left for a while, was very upset by the lack of concern by others to keep this chain going, and after Johnny died, I felt like nobody gave a rats ass about this site. Anyway, things are much better now, and I hope it continues to be. Take care, and if you need anything, let me know.

Love, Carol
Carol - so good to hear things are better with you. I will check with my chiropractor for a possible referral.

For the rest of you, I thought I'd stick around a bit because it is so great to read the encouragement you have for each other. I don't really have much to add but just know there is someone out there thinking and praying for you all! :D

p.s. my biggest problem with posting is that I keep forgetting my password. I write my passwords (to various sites) down, and then lose it.
Just wanted to mention to "me" that you might want to look for a licensed acupuncturist. Someone with 4 or 5 year Master degree in acupuncture. A chiropractor usually only has 100 or 200 hours of training for basic pain management. Sinus pain can be from different things and an acupuncturist knows what to look for.
Good luck,
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