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Laur Warren

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Nov 24, 2006
I will share about my mom. Her name is Renee. She will be 78 next week. She is at the point where her speech cannot be understood even by family members. She uses the roller walker in the house and uses the claw type cane when she goes places. She went for four months with symptoms and not knowing what was wrong to the 6/14/06 diagnosis. She has had her second clinical visit. at UVA. She goes for the bipap Dec. 1 Besides the conventional stuff, we've tried the Steve Byer phone call--seeking and getting the book ERIC IS WINNING but I am getting the impression that Eric Edney may also be a scam? I am new to all of this--we are new to all of this. So anything that you all could help with I would appreciate. I appreciate the answers to my last question. thanx Laur
Yes Laur. Steve Byer and Eric Edney's products have no basis in fact. I have been hearing about them for 4 years now and they have cured no one. They are a rip off. You would be better spending the money to take your mom somewhere nice.. Look at the front page of the forum and read Scam Watch. It will help you avoid the pitfalls that so many others have lost money and hope on. Welcome to the forum in case I missed you after your first post. AL.

Hello Laur, I am so sorry that you have to go through any of this. My mother read the book ERIC IS WINNING, and chuckled at the thought that anyone in their right mind would want to live life that way. I have no knowledge of this Steve Byer character, but I agree with AL about Eric's book being a rip off. It is possible for people to have ALS for ten, fifteen, and even twenty years. Certain kinds are just slower to progress.

Do you live in VA? I have a cousin there with ALS who is also going to UVA.
Best of luck to you in your searching for something to help your mom.
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