Abductor pollicis brevus twitching

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Dec 2, 2023
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I feel like I noticed this twitching because I was able to physically feel it in my left hand. I have twitches all the time all over my body with a few hot spots that have twitched for years and no weakness. None that stuck around anyways. Like most, I have read that this muscle is usually the first to go in the hand with ALS. I also read that another member said symptoms started in her thumb as well. Difference is, they had weakness, I don’t, not yet anyway. Aside from this twitching which comes and goes and is sometimes initiated by turning my forearm up then down, or rotating my thumb, I otherwise feel normal and have full range of motion of my thumb. Thoughts?
Thoughts are you need to visit with a doctor first if have concerns about your health- Dr Google is notoriously bad at providing reassurance and is definitely unable to provide a clinical examination. Also please make sure to read here: Read Before Posting for why twitching absent any other hallmark symptom of ALS means it could be anything (not ALS), or nothing at all.

You should probably start with your doctor if you have worries about twitching. You will likely find that reassuring.

Please take care
If you can provoke the twitches even part of the time, without weakness, the most likely scenario is a local nerve or muscle issue, which hand therapy could likely help. Nothing you have said sounds systemic.
I had a twitch in this same hand back in February of 2019 though in a different location. It was between my pinky and ring finger in the back of my hand. I feel like it was there for a couple of weeks and then abruptly departed. No weakness noted then. The only thing is when I’m using my thumb on occasion I can feel the twitch as I’m using my thumb. It doesn’t make it weak per se but the twitch has some effect on small movements in my thumb. I came to these forums to find similar circumstances of which there were many however those people were shut down and their threads closed so follow up is impossible. A primary care physician is unfortunately not of much use of in this circumstance. Sounds like there is really two options, try to get an EMG. Or dust it off since there is currently no weakness or foot drop or anything else out of the ordinary. Just came to educate myself further on the illness since my wife lost a cousin on November 25 to the disease which probably brought it back into the limelight for me.
Very sorry about your wife's cousin.

Fortunately, there is zero reason to think of ALS in your case, and if you think others in the same situation were "shut down," it is probably because they wouldn't take "no" for an answer.

I'm sure you can understand that the primary mission here is helping P/CALS affected by the actual disease and so we cannot keep ping-ponging back on CIBALS questions of "Why not?" and "What else could it be?"

Threads close automatically after a period of inactivity. We actually close very few ourselves,

A PCP who knows you and can baseline your strength is definitely of use, and can recommend whether a neuro or ortho consult should be considered. In turn, a neuro or orthopod will recommend an EMG if there is any reason for it.

The first step, the simple step, is to see your PCP and have a frank discussion. If that happened and this is your second opinion, so to speak, you have it. If your PCP concurs or your issues impede your hand function, I'd see a hand surgeon, who may treat, street, or refer to PT.
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