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Nov 2, 2007
Hi I had wanted to post this yesterday, but the day wiped us out....As I have spoken so many times that my husband is a musician, a signed one (to Sony) and this happened. Well yesterday abc news came to the house and did a lengthy interview with our family. Stu Freddie and I gave you a plug as well as all of my friends here on the forum. I will let all know when this will be aired. I want everyone to know that we are in this for all of us...Lori, thanks so much for the gab today......I know that we are going to be a great team and I WILL introduce you to them boys referred to as the "little ole band from texas" Tell Tim Freddie said to get to work on writing......Stu, we will start to Freddie says "Rock and Roll........I do want EVERYONE to know that I am not doing this for just myself for all of us as a WHOLE! I am going to be down and out for a little bit after Monday, even though I am an addict to this place, will find a hot spot in hospital (more than likely)...........Please pray for my Freddie as we go through this new adventure.....Lori, I will call you on Monday and let you know how it goes.....I want to do as much as I can.....after I get through this ordeal this week, we are going to buckle down and start with some "Rock 4 A Cure" So everyone power up those wheelchairs we are going to have an ALS woodstock..Thanks for all yalls support!
So as Freddie would say "keep rockin'
Lots of Hugs To All!
By the way Freddie celebrated his B-Day yesterday and a year ago they gave him only a few weeks so remember docs are not GOD!
OK Netty. You make sure you look after yourself too. Get some rest before the weekend so you're not too tired to be lookin out for Freddie. We don't need you sick too.

Netty, After I told Tim about our conversation today, He cried, I cried. It was one of the Happiest, Tearful moments of my Life and His, I am sure! That you would go out of your way for Tim. His writing was his world. And You and Freddie may help his dream come true. I am at lost for words for now. I am still tearing up.

The Little Old Band from Teaxs? Are you talking about ZZ Top? That is my dream, to meet them. They come here often. I never ask anything for myself. I sure would like to meet them, and maybe have a beer? I don't know what I would do, to meet them. My Dad (may he rest in peace) turned me on to them when I was sixteen years old. They are my favorite.

Now back to reality, Thank you Netty and Freddie. I just want to see Tim happy. You made him Happy, Netty. I am just a tool in this process.

Thanks to the many wonderful people that have come into my Life, under such a horrific cirumstance. Every thing I do, I do for you!

Best of luck this week, Netty. I love the idea of an ALS Woodstock! :-D But Al is right. be sure to take good care of yourself. Folks like you and Lorie are always burning the candle at both ends!
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If you need any help along the way let me know. I don't know what I can offer but I'll do what I can.

That is what will make the difference in ALS. You know as I do the difference in being involved and not. We need everybody to step up to the plate and not sit on the side lines with this disease.

Thanks to all!

Freddie wants to thank you all for sending him birthday wishes and know that he is in the fight for us all......Irma, Freddie enjoyed your visit yesterday sooooooo much, He really was so glad that you came by. He enjoyed the visit. Roy and him knew so many of the same people. I want you to come by and visit ANYTIME you want, the door is always open. We love you and know that you are praying for us. I will try to call Monday. Lori, tell Tim Freddie said to get the peg.....He needs him, they have alot of work left to do in this life TOGETHER.I love you all and thanks for always being there for us...
Lots of love,
Freddie and Annette Everett
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