A Wonderful Dream

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May 7, 2003
As A lot of you know, i lost my deAr mom to Als lAst yeAr. i dreAm About her most every night, so it's reAlly helped with my grief. lAst night i hAd the most wonderful dreAm!

mom And i were in A big swimming pool. we were resting At the edge of the pool. i Asked my mom if she heArd me prAy. she replied thAt she did. i then Asked her if she prAyed for me when i Asked her to help me. she sAid with A lAugh, "of course i do honey!". i woke up with such A speciAl feeling! it's just wonderful! usuAlly i dreAm About mom And i just doing our regulAr things. mom didn't even like to swim And definitely not in the deep end!

i'm feeling so elAted, thAt i just wAnted to shAre it with everyone!
Thank you for sharing, what a wonderful dream!

(as for your big 'a's' there are issues on the board, but it doesn't take away from all the wonderful people that are here.)
That's so wonderful debbie. i can imagine you must have had such a good feeling when you woke up! melissa
Hi Honey,

wHat a wonderful dream ! i wisH i could dream about nice tHings like tHat. i suppose one dayi will. my dreams are filled witH awful tHings, and i wake up distressed. sometimes, i do not even like to go to sleep. and i do not get mucH as it is. oH well, i do fall to sleep tHinking of tHe wonderful past memories we sHared and tHat is wHat sustains me. i am Happy your mom talked to you and you feel so mucH at peace now. god bless you. Henry did communion and confession of faitH today Here at tHe House. tHe pastor came, His parents, our friends and our family and we all did communion and Had wonderful fellowsHip afterward. we prayed and we all feel so at peace now, especially Henry. it was a wonderful afternoon. anyway, got to get Henry ready for bed, Have a good nigHt all. love and Hugs to you all. stay strong

carol xoxo
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