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Oct 1, 2005
Hello everyone. My husband and I have a problem and I thought I would ask a question regarding this to get some ideas if possible. Due to my husband having a lot of fatigue we decided to purchase a scooter. The scooter helps tremendously as he is able to go out more often. The problem is we rented the hand ramps for the scooter to put it in the van. Those ramps are now to difficult for my husband because they basically just sit on the end of the van and you put the scooter in. We tried to get a lift for our van but they do not have one for our make of van they say. It is a 2005 Nissan. My husband does not feel confident in the ramps he has because they just sit on the end of the van. His one hand is not that good so he is also having problems with the lifting of the ramp. Does anyone have any ideas they could share on this? Thank you.

No need to respond to post, we found a solution. A custom made lift has to be put in the van. This is okay I am just happy we are able to do this.

Sandy, your decision to have a custom lift is probably better than what we did. We also had a problem and we decided to try a tilt a ramp lift. It works great but takes time to strap the scooter on. On rainy days I really get wet!
Of course the other solution is a lowered floor ramp van such as is modified by Braun, etc. I bought a used Chrysler minivan about a year ago and it has changed my life. I use a scooter but when I progress to a wheelchair it will be ready to go for that too. It came with hand controls and wheelchair locks. I can still stand and transfer from the scooter to the driver's seat but later I will be able to remove the seat and drive directly from a wheelchair. Ramp and door are operated by remote control so access is a snap.
Thank you kindly for your replies. Braunn said they could not put a lift in our van. Right now we are trying to find a manufacturer who will install one. They said sometimes you can put them in the side door but our seats do not fold down there. The back is apparently to low to put the lift there.

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