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Oct 21, 2006
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For anyone in the Southern California (more specifically, Orange, San Diego, Riverside and Los Angeles Counties) I wanted to let you know that I have begun working as a case manager for a small, Christian, family owned company that provides caregivers, LVN's and companions for patients in the surrounding area.

I didn't intend to get a job after Linda died in November. It was something that just fell into my lap (actually I believe God worked it out) and I felt that I had the perfect experience (having cared for a PALS for 4+ years as a friend) to help me know how to help patients and their families looking for a caregiver for their loved ones. My job includes interviewing every nurse and caregiver we hire and speaking with patients and their families to determine what their needs are.

I have gotten to know several of the caregivers both professionally and personally and am amazed at the level of compassion, skill, patience and honest to goodness love that I've witnessned them give to their patient.

Besides the quality of caregivers we use, the most important and coolest thing to me about the company I work for is that we pray for the patient and caregiver most mornings.

My only reason for posting this information is because I remember trying to find and hire a caregiver for Linda when I couldn't be there. I didn't know who to trust and the agencies I called were large and impersonal. It seemed to me that they just matched a caregiver in the area to an address without consideration of individual needs or temperment.

I hope me posting this is not a problem for anyone. I really only mean to be helpful.
If anyone is needing help finding a caregiver you can private message me and I will give you any information you would like.

You are doing fine, Jeanne. I like your solution to have people PM you with specific questions. Good move. Good luck in your new job, too! Regards, Cindy

How wonderful that you can channel your experience into helping others!
Thanks for the kind response.

I was a little concerned how the post would be received but felt compelled to offer the help.

I was searching the threads for discussions about case managers, and I came across this one. I think it is great what you are doing, Jeanne, and it just goes to show how this disease can have such a profound impact on our lives, even in ways that we might not have anticipated.

We have had such amazing help from compassionate case managers who truly care about my mom's wellbeing. My reason for searching the threads was to see if others had shared their own experiences with their case managers. As I understand it, the field of case management is relatively new (about 15 years old), and the military is starting to tap into the resources of this profession (at least, according to a National Public Radio story I heard the other day).

If anyone reading this post is researching ALS for a school project, you might also be considering what profession you want to work in. I suspect that case management will continue to grow, given that the first baby boomers are now receiving social security (and not just disability like my mom). Here is a website with more information about case management:

I am sure that some people have had negative experiences with case managers, but in our "case," it's been such a huge relief to know that there are experts out there who can help us navigate the complicated process of preparing my mom for hospital discharge with a vent.
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