A movie for you and your PAL

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Apr 7, 2007
I wanted to share this movie because it addreses the tough issues of loving someone enough to let go. It is a hillarious movie which will open doors to tough topics of death and love. If you and your PAL need a good laugh with opportunity to discuss hard changes in life, this is the movie for you.

"ALWAYS" information
Holly Hunter & Richard Dryfus
& John Goodman

Steven Spielberg movie
based on the 1943 movie " A Guy Named Joe"

This Movie is what you guys really need to open up some conversation - and it's really fun - but hits some nerves too. Remember your spirit lives within all those you care for and love - spirit never dies.
Andres and I really enjoyed the movie "The Fountain" (2006). Its really interesting, deep and beautifully made.

Plot outline:
Spanning over one thousand years, and three parallel stories, The Fountain is a story of love, death, spirituality, and the fragility of our existence in this world

you can watch it online here

or better yet you can probably rent it.

A must read book

I have only just joined this ALS forum. I do not have ALS however, we have familial ALS in our family. I lost my mother to ALS in 1992 then lost my beautiful sister to ALS in 1996She was 49 . We have had approx 10 die from ALS and presently 2 more recently diagnosed.

I read a book awhile back that was exceptional. Written by Dennis Kaye. "Laugh, I thought I'd Die, my life with ALS. It tells the inspiring and humorous story of Kaye's life since diagnosis, and offers patients and their families excellent strategies for coping with ALS, as well as invaluable insights into its impact on daily life. It is an extraordinary story by a courageous man.. a 'must read" for all.

God bless you all.
Hello Norma and welcome to the forum. I am glad you decided to join us. It must vbe quite a challenge coping with so many family members with ALS. Jump in anytime. We appreciate the input. Cindy
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