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Apr 19, 2005
Hey folks,

This is a little off the path but...
Does anyone know who the forum member named "Hewlett" is?

I've had a couple of nonsensical replies and just wondered if he/she is a legitimate member or a troll?

Thanks in advance,

I've been wondering that about a few people lately. Is he sending personal messages? If he posts junk on the forum the moderator (David or Susan Walker) can bounce him or delete his messages. He may just sign in as someone else but at least he might get the message.
Thanks Al,
He hasn't sent any PM's, but he gives a website with a Russian (I think) address. I didn't know if he couldn't type english or something...

Is Susan Walker still a mod here? I thought she went to a new job?

Cheers Al!
She is the Executive Director of ALS Ontario but to the best of my knowledge she still has her finger in this Pie.
Have a good one. Al.
We're just small potatoes here. Not a big pie at all. We are just dealing with adversity the best way we can. A little knowledge, a little fun. Just plain folks doing the best we can. Hopefully some will come. We have a great gang here. In numbers there is strength.
Hi Al, and all,

I am a big pizza pie! Love pizza pie. But, yu are right, we are all here for the same reason. There is power in numbers. We just have to keep on keepin on. How is everything? Will post to you later privately. Say hi to Lee and the kids.

Love ya. Carol
This is a great pie to be a part of! Mostly, everyone is so positive. When I've been on other forums on the internet (other topics etc) it seems like so many are just whining about life and blaming others/illnesses for their problems. I love that the people here have a place, not just to vent, but to laugh, teach, learn and support. Carol, Al, Tbear, Kim, Theresa and so many of the new people offer invaluable support that you really can't find many other places in this world! Okay, so I'm feeling a bit sappy today :)
That's one of the good things about this place. No one gets bent out of shape if you get sappy. And thanks for that little pat on the back.
Yes indeed a little sap is okay... as long as you don't want us to start singing cumbaya and holding hands. I continue to be impressed by the dedication of the people on this forum to wading through the information and constantly coming to the common ideal that we are here to help each other and that unconditional support that seems to shine through... okay who's sappy now?
Enough already, pass me a tissue! having a great holiday at the trailer, hot, hot, hot. Getting a nice tan, and putting down a few Canadians too! Love to all, talk soon.

Hey when are you coming to Toronto? You practically have to drive through Al's place in Brampton to get there from Sarnia!
While your at the trailer.. check in on Fisher... he is MIA... or drunk on the deck.... again.
HAve fun


Hi Ted,

Funny you ask about Fisher. His name is Jim Parker and he lives just around the corner from the trailer park. The lady across from where I camp knew him for years when they were younger. She called one of their mutual friends and he is still alive and apparently not doing so well. I have his address and phone number and am planning to drop in and surprise him with a visit. I will let you all know how it goes. The Toronto trip is off until October. The people that I am doing business with will not be available until then. So, I am just going to veg at the campgroung. Too bad, I would have dropped by. I do not do highway driving by myself though, and my oldest son was gooing to drive me. I still want to get together and meet with you and Al and Lee. Maybe we could plan something soon. Anyway, I am off again, will talk later and will have a cold one for you! Love ya..... Carol
... when you see him, please give him my regards. If you wear the red stringed bikini... send a picture! Have a good vacation!


Carol, I sent an email to you for the Toronto trip then read this posting. Have a great holiday and when you are around, let us know.
Yea I did the same thing too. Sent mail. Maybe I'll read all the posts before I write. Happy sunning. Al.
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