A Hello from Mike (maybe...)

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Jan 19, 2007
Lost a loved one

I've been vacillating about posting this, but every time I think about this story, I smile. So, I thought it might give someone else a lift, too. My friend, Mike, was an avid music fan and introduced me to a lot of music. After he was in the hospice in-patient facility for a couple weeks, I asked him if he was more comfortable and relaxed there, despite the wonderful care he was given while still at home. He pondered that for a few moments and replied that he missed his music. So I bought an iPod, which I had been planning on getting anyway, downloaded lots of his favorite music plus a bunch of stuff I knew he'd like, and loaned it to him.

The last time I saw Mike, he asked to listen to the iPod on 'shuffle' mode, implying 'song' shuffle. His son returned the iPod to me after Mike died, and the next day I went for a run while listening to it. I realized it was on 'album shuffle' mode, and I started worrying that it hadn't been on song shuffle as Mike had asked when I last saw him. I put it on song shuffle and was running along telling myself what an idiot I was, and silently telling Mike I was sorry if I'd let him down.

Folks, there are 975 songs on that iPod, and only about 5 had played. The VERY next song that came on was one of the four songs that Mike had picked to be played at his funeral. What are the chances? I know... one in 970 :). I don't know that it was Mike-sent or God-sent or purely coincidence (I'll choose either Door #1 or Door #2, though), but it sure made me feel happy...still does. Sharon
Good story, Shannon. You'll probably see and hear Mike a lot over the next few months. THat's his way of saying thank for lall you did for him. Cindy
Great story Sharon. It brought tears to my eyes thinking of all the "coincidences" I've seen and heard over the years like this.

I vote for both doors.

God Bless
Capt AL
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