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A great voice is silenced

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Thanks for letting us know Jeff. That really sucks. I know he had high hopes for the Lithium. We'll all miss him.
Oh God! I am terribly sorry to hear about Leo's departure. I spent the night at my son's last night (again), and was playing with my grand children. I just got back! May he rest in peace! I read quite a bit about him. He was such a warrior! God bless everyone, and thanks a bunch!

that sucks. I had hope for leo, and read his columns. i did not think he was that far along..........:cry:
I was very surprised to hear that Leo had passed.

I have been sharing e-mails with him and really didn't know that
he was so close to the end. In fact I was looking for a book that
I had offered to loan to him.

Thankfully Leo is no longer suffering. From the little I knew of him, I believe he's
in Heaven, fully healed and interviewing the PALS who proceeded him there.

May God bless his family and give them peace.

I am totally shocked by this. I had no idea how far Leo had progressed. I has assumed that since he had symptoms for years prior to diagnosis, that he'd be a long termer. I never thought for a second that we'd see Leo's name in this section of the board - well as least not for many many years yet. I am saddened. We have lost a wonderful soul in the battle against ALS.
I am so sorry to hear about Leo. He must have had great internal strength to keep working right up until the very end. I am sure this talented man will be missed by many, including those of us on this forum who enjoyed his writings. Cindy
Leo's memorial service

This Ann and for those who live in the LA area...
his memorial service will be on
Friday February 22 at 3:00 pm
at the United Church of Christ
233 W Harrison ....crossstreet Harvard St
Claremont 91711
So sad for leo and his familly by the sounds of it he left a wonderfull legacy and will be sadly missed ....prayers and condolences to his familly.......Gina...He is now free of this terrible disease and no longer suffers .God Bless

Thank you for the information regarding the memorial service for Leo.

My heart is aching for you and the rest of Leo's family. I am so sorry for your loss but
happy to know that he no longer suffers. Leo did a lot to educate many about ALS and I pray that one day soon a cure will be found.

We are here for you any time you need us. This forum has been a blessing to many who have traveled the difficult journey of being a PALS or CALS.

A Dear friend

I can't believe what I just read. Leo and I had kept in touch since he became a member. Right now I am at loss for words. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. Fondly, Beebe
A great voice indeed. I only heard about this today but my deepest sympathy goes out to Ann and his family.

I am wondering why he died. He had a relatively strong ALSFRS-R score of 26 shortly before he passed. Could something other than ALS have taken our friend?
I have no idea what happened but if you look at his last video where his son spoke for him, if you have seen a lot of patients it was obvious that things were not good. I did not think that he would go so soon. I think that I can understand what the doctors may be going through. I offer support here, work with the support group in our community, talk to newly diagnosed at our clinic which is one of the largest in the country and I am shocked at the speed that this disease takes us. I have no answers. We try to go on day by day. I Type this with one failing finger because I care for myself and all the rest as Leo did. We do what we can to raise awareness. Leo did what he could. Now he is gone. We will remember him and carry on in his footsteps.
About Leo Green

I saw this on another ALS forum and thought I'd pass it along here.

This link will take you to the news article about Leo's death on Friday night 2/8/08.


Leo did so much in his time as a PALS to raise awareness of ALS.

Thanks Leo.
We will remember him and carry on in his footsteps.

Sometimes it gets overwhelming, the speed with which all this can happen. For myself, I've made some real friends on this site and each time we lose one, it gets harder. I have to struggle to remind myself of what Andres said, "Don't ask why, ask what for?"
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