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Nov 27, 2007
Hello Everyone!

I just have a few questions, for you kind people...especially anyone who was diagnosed via muscle biopsy and other symptoms.

If anyone remembers, I have had 2 biopsies one showed 'myopathic changes' (arm) but the other one (leg) was a paragraph long all about denervation 'acute and chronic.'

Because my dad's dad passed from this disease, they were suppose to do a genetic test for the 'Familial' form. I thought they did. But a recent visit to the doctor showed they tested me for something else totally not related.

When they did the biopsy this is what they were looking to rule out. (ALS) An EMG of the opposing leg showed 'insertional activity 1+ psw's at L34, increased during polyphasic vastus laterus. Mild and acute chronic denervation is seen in the vastus.

The nerve conductions and F waves are normal.

I have a small disc herniation at L5 S1. No root impingement. I went to New York To to have this figure out. The one doctor blamed it on the disc?

My neurologist disagrees. Doesn't say much else. Wait and see.

My both legs (calves) have atrophy and the front of one has thinned so you can see the bone. Uphill and downhill are worst.

My fingers are stiff, but are also like tootsie rolls....if you squeeze them they hold the form, like the muscle is not right.

I appreciate your time. I can write my findings of the biopsy. If it is of interest. :confused:

So how is anyone getting a diagnoses from a single biopsy?

Take care! lovelily I will have the SOD1 test done when my insurance says OK.
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