A doctor gave me a good report on this company.

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May 25, 2004
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If their email is freetransplant why does it cost $25000 and why do we not know who and where you are from. I could say I had been abducted by aliens and say a doctor told me that I had. Pardon my skepticism here but we don't like postings promising false hope.
I know of 2 that were not any better. I think that stem cells are the way of the future but not at $25k in some backwater hospital in China by a doctor that refuses to publish his results.
Jeepers it sounds like the day and pardon the example when a woman needed a abortion and she was sent to some seedy back room to some washed up Dr, paid her money and then was sent home to either bleed to death or never have children again. Until this is FDA approved and the world knows that stem cell is the way to go and no one has to be embarrassed to talk about it or resort to pay unreasonable amounts of money for such an operation, lets quit this hopeless dribble. These are peoples lives we are talking about here.Weve already got enough people out there trying to make a buck off this disease SHUT UP already!
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Hi Kim;
I am sorry that the post upsets you. However by suppressing this kind of free exchange of ideas/opinions/information amongst us, only serves to allow these kinds of treatments to flourish unhindered! It only by sharing can we bring the truth to light.
Any legit company charging $25,000 for a procedure won't be using a FREE Yahoo email address/account for their business.

I rarely participate in these medical end debates, cuz I always get lost in what bits and bites are good and which ones are bad.
There is nothing wrong with some free exchange, but I happen to agree looking at the sites mentioned, there is a ton of information missing on their web pages, especially the first on medcare, they don't even tell you where they are located. I agree with Mike, a 'yahoo' email address...come on.
Legit testing for stem cell procedures will be done in legit labs, with results posted in National and International Journals. Not by posting a website saying they can cure all.
Kathy what doctor gave you a good report on this company? What did he say?
Al, we already know you were abducted by aliens, so no more pretending you weren't....but we love you anyway....
Mike, love your new logo.....
Dear Patsy,
I am not opposed to the posting I am if you want to use the word OPPOSSED to the content of the posting. I checked into the websites also and I agree without repeating what Theresa said abut legit labs and researchers. Any information we can share on this forum that is also legit informative or has worked for someone that has ALS is always greatly welcomed and appreciated.Right now I am very angry at this disease and I am sure there are a lot of other people going through this stage also but they might also be in the stage where they will try anything and thats where we have to be careful and do our homework when we start writing about hope in the excess of 25,000.A lot of us have already tried out bogus concoctions and spent money we didnt have and before finding this forum I wouldnt be as aware and as educated as I was before. We all want to find the cure but if it sounds to good to be true........ then I think a lot of has learned this also........ it proably isnt.
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My point was and still is Who is Kathy Cook and from where? The company she is promoting? Probably. And who is this Doctor. Most of the posts here with legitimate information have no problem naming names and where they are from. Why hide it if it 's true?
Hi Kim;
I hear you and understand where you are coming from. I have been dealing with the ALS for 7 years now, and totally know what you are saying and going through.

Hi Al,
I have seen the same posts from this Kathy Cook on other yahoo ALS newsgroups. So I doubt that she will respond. She appears to have posted in bulk, so a legitimate treatment that works I strongly doubt!

Hi Guys,

I agree with the general concenus that it sounds too good to be true. If this was truly the case, we would have heard or read somewhere along the way that some lucky person would have been cured of als. So... researching the posts leaves me with the believe that this is a truly another money grab. If it is really free, then why did we not hear of it sooner, and why are there not any published patient cures? It is bullcrap to me, having been there, done that. However, sharing information that could possibly help remedy a cure does not hurt. What hurts that some vulnerable person with als could be taken by it. There are many alternative treatments out there, but, how many are really viable? It leaves one to wonder doesn't it. Mike I love your new logo. A golfer eh? Mmmm, now I know where your passions lie. I guess when there is no hockey, one has to resort to other sports, ha..... My son Mike is a big golfer too, and he says hi. Wants to know what you shoot. Anyway, we should never close our minds to things that maybe helpful to a cure, but we also should keep our minds open to scams. In my books, 25,000 is not free. Not unless someone is "GIVING" it to you! Have a great day all. I love you all.

Thanks Patsy for responding sometimes I get so wound up my words dont come out the way they should. Everyone has their right to exercise their opinions and beliefs thats why we have our family of people on this forum. Carol always seems to step in and save my butt by adding just the final touchs. Thanks Carol and Thanks Al for keeping our eyes open for these hungry money schemers out there. They just dont quit.Love back at you all.
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Posting on web sites and forums

This person who ever it may be has been a busy little bee. I know that she posted this same information on my web site in my guest book (which I promply removed) I notice though that she did not leave so much as an e mail address. One would think that if this were a legitimate post they would send it to web masters to decide if they would like it on their site or not rather than go in through the back door so to speak.

I for one am not impressed.
Hi George,

Amen. I agree with you 100%. Coming from one who knows. How are you doing? Good to hear from you.

Snake Oil

Hi Carol,
Doing just fine, I have been keeping busy with the web site and the silver casting. Getting around a little slower but none the less still getting around. These snake oil salesmen (or women) should be strung up in my estimation. You would not believe the amount of mail I get to the site asking for treatments for ALS. I tell people that there are massage therapy, aroma therapy and all types of things that make you feel good for an hour or maybe a day but it is not a treatment. Face it and get on with things there is not as yet a cure, day by day and hope is what we have and when we give up on them then I guess it is too bad. I always get the question "how have you survived so long?" and the short answer is I have no idea. I have been going through this now for 14 years and still have a good sense of humour even to the point of laughing at myself when I am looking up at the ceiling, but I have never yet nor do I ever intend to spend 25k on something like this (can't afford it anyway) it is better donated to research and roll the dice. Good to hear from you as well Carol, I had not got into this forum until I seen this and the same entry here rang the bell that it was in my guest book.

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