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Jun 27, 2011
Five Favorite Fitness Activities for Summer to Do In Your Power Wheelchair
By Cynthia LoPinto, MA Gerontologist, Contributing Author for Wheelchair Jazzy Superstore

The benefits of lifelong exercise are numerous. Regular exercise strengthens muscles and increases bone density, improves posture and balance and builds up stamina and endurance. It also enhances mental functioning and acts as a great self-esteem booster. No matter what your ability is, there is something for you. We picked the top 5 summer activities that can be done in a power wheelchair and easily adapted for most everyone.

1. Bowling: How about a night of bowling with some friends to get you into that summer spirit? Many bowling alleys are now equipped with ball ramps for those bowlers who use a power wheelchair to get around. Besides ramps, other adaptive equipment on the market are retractable handle bowling balls and long handled ball pushers that help guide the ball down the lane. Call your local alley to see what is available in your community. Check out the American Wheelchair Bowling Association’s website below to find out about wheelchair bowling events throughout the country.
Welcome to AWBA.ORG

2. Fishing: There is nothing better than getting away from the fast paced world we live in to spend a summer afternoon fishing. All anglers can enjoy this wonderful activity with the right equipment. Adaptive power wheelchair rod holders and ergonomic fishing rod handles are now available for those with varying disabilities as well as electric fishing reels for the fisherman who has trouble casting manually. There are different types of disability fishing seating apparatus equipment designed for use with a power wheelchair or power mobility vehicle. If group and boat fishing is more your fancy, call local charter companies to see what options are offered. Take a look at these three disability fishing sites.
Disability, Handicap, Accessible, Adaptive Fishing, South Florida, ADA
Adaptive hunting, fishing, and camping equipment for the handicapped/disabled

3. Golf: Since golf is an outdoor activity readily associated with seniors, it is no surprise that golfers over the age of 65 play almost three times more often than younger players. In the past, physical limitations and disabilities kept some players off the green. Today golf courses are restructuring and adapting their equipment and facilities to include golfers who are in power wheelchairs. Check out the links below to see what is available:
National Alliance for Accessible Golf - Welcome
Welcome to NAGA

4. Gardening/Yard Work: Ask anyone who has ever had a garden and they will tell you that maintaining it is serious exercise. For those who love to garden but find physical limitations are keeping them on the sidelines, there are some new adaptive tools to help. Take a look at user-friendly gadgets that make life easier for all gardeners that use power wheelchairs:
Disabled Independent Gardeners Association - Adaptive Devices

5. Home Exercise Program:
Working out in an air conditioned environment during those hot summer months is a true argument for moving your fitness program inside. For those who exercise while sitting down in your power wheelchair, there are many wheelchair-based fitness DVDs available to pop in your DVD player and work out in the privacy of your home. Another option is to get one of the new interactive video game systems that feature seated exercise programs for all ages. Click on the links below to see what options work best for you. Exercise Videos for those with Back Pain, People in Wheel Chairs, Hip Pain and More
Wheelchair Exercise

Remember to check with your physician when starting a new exercise program. Make sure you drink fluids before, during and after your workout to avoid dehydration. You may also want to have some favorite music playing to help motivate you. It is never too late to start on the road to better health. So join your peers and pick an activity. You will enjoy yourself and get a workout as well.
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