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Feb 27, 2006
I had a question about fasc. Can any of you describe them? I have a bro. who is 28 and has ALS. His fasc. last long and did when he first noticed them. I am talking about 3-5 sec. I have had one or two that long, but in general, mine only last one second or less. Also, they occur mostly on the left side of my body.

Do any of you know about familial ALS? What are the odds of my having ALS as well? It has been devastating do my family. I can even think about how they will be affected if I am diagnosed as well.

I know that I need to keep being positive, but it is challenging. I would like to thank all of you for your support. Not just for me, but for all the individuals who seek refuge in this haven.

I have didicated a page to my brother on myspace. My name is manuel rosales, look me up.

Thank you.
Hi Manuel - I am so sorry about your brother. He is so very young. Was he diagnosed with familial als? If it were me, I would want to have the test to see if it is familial. You could make an appointment with the als clinic that your brother goes to and ask to be evaluated for your muscle twitching and also ask for the blood test. I know this is a very difficult time for you, your brother and your family, but you will always wonder if you don't check it out. Good luck. Leslie
Thank you.

My brother's kind of started like mine. However, his started in his tongue. I pray to God that it is not ALS. However, if it is am ready to do God's work for the remainder of my time here. My brother stated that my symptoms do not resemble ALS. Everyone thinks that everything is from anxiety However, I cant see how, unless it is subconcious. I workout a lot, it could be from that as well. How are you doing? Thank you for your support.
God bless you.

I have dedicated a myspace page to my brother. Just look for Manuel Rosales. My email is [email protected] God bless
Hi rosales. Sorry to hear about your brother. If you are worried about yourself as well you can get tested for the gene that causes familial ALS. It is very rare and I hope it is not affecting both of you! Cindy
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