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Feb 27, 2006
Hello everyone,

Out of desperation and hope I have arrived here. I have a 29 yr. old brother who was diagnosed with ALS just a few months ago. He was a division I football player, in great shape and had a career (financial consultant). It all started last year in June. He informed me that he felt strange. He had a major sinus infection later on. He could not shake this "odd" feeling. We love playing basketball together. He is awesome to put it bluntly on the court. I realized that there had to be something wronge when he could not even make a 4 foot shot. I mean he would shoot airballs! He started walking strange as well.

With his pride as veil, he would always tell me he had a bad cold or that it was the sinus infection. However, several months later he informed me that he was worried. It took several months, but then he was diagnosed with ALS. He is engaged and just moved out with his future wife. Now, he does not use his right hand much and he has difficulty walking. As an older brother, words cannot explain the pain that I am experiencing.

He needs support but he does not go out in get it. If any of you can lend some advice and/or guidance please do so. He is currently seeking help through alternative medicine.

God bless.
Minor younger brother is 27
So sorry to see your post!

While I can not disregard the als diagnose, the sinus infection got my attention:
has your brother been tested for the Bb (Lyme bacteria)?

In my father's case, he was in super phisycal shape, except for 5-8 years had been constantly running on and off dental-type infections, only visible through x-rays - with no apparent reason for the infections. He never paid attention to them, took antibiotics for a week and that was it.

After after his als diagn (also limb onset) and much personal turmoil and search for answers and what to do - he tested positive for Lyme bacteria. We can only speculate, which caused what - but the Lyme bacteria does attack the central nervous system, and, given a chance - primarily sinus/dental infections - it spreads viciously. Left untreated - perhaps is what some see as late stage Lyme going into als?

At any rate, we have discarded the "accepted" Lyme treatment as well - due to it's being so toxic to the body, and are also pursuing alternative ways to try and eliminate the Bb bacteria, hoping in some way, as it stops destroying cells, may be we will improve/preserve the als progression. The main idea: use nature's own plants & supplements to help first heal/clean the body, so that in turn it's own immune system is strengthened - then it can fight for it self, as it is meant to do, had not our "human" world spoiled matters for all of us already beyond repair...

At any rate, we are optimistic and coping relatively well, so far. Sorry, there are no answers at all - but, we all are trying each on his/her own, and perhaps one of us will be lucky enough to have some encouraging news!
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