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Jan 27, 2008
Learn about ALS
First of all..Hello all! I finally got the courage to visit this site and thus for post a thread.
I have been doing a lot of reading on ALS sites and BFS. I have asked BFS people a few questions but I would really like to hear from someone experiencing ALS or that knows about ALS.

My story... About a year and a half ago I was taking LEXAPRO a ssri for depression. I went to the races and I left my lexapro @ home. A few days later I had a AWFUL withdrawal..My blood pressure sky rocketed and my blood sugar fell to about 42. That evening when I got home I noticed some twitches..randomly..single fires on thighs, arms back etc. I believe I got BACK on the Lexapro for the time being..As far as I know the twitching went away! I dont remember experiencing them again until about 6-10 months later when I went to the doctor and had walking pneumonia. I remembered asking him.."what causes twitches, could it be lexapro"..I dont remember the response but I came off of lexapro. I dont recall having any twitches again. (once off). I went this whole past summer w/out a single twitch or well one to notice. I dont think I had them at all.
Well, I fell pregnant this past October- Everything had been going fine until about a week ago. I started having all over random twitches..(single fire, mainly). I feel them in both arms, back, feet, abdomen, sides, buttox, (private parts) , Every WHERE! I had just went through some STRESS right before it started w/ some other HEALTH TESTS..and IRONICALLY ENOUGH LEXAPRO is back in the picture! Ofcouse my mind and over thinking has kicked in full throttle. I feel like my legs are weak. People tell me..Your pregnant, body changing...Im not exercising etc. However I have no problem, running, climbing stares...etc. My strength seems fine.

My question is: Does this sound like ALS..? Do ALS twitches come on then disappear over a period of time? (such as my first twitching was a year and a half ago then it went away, came back...then it went back again the past week)

2.) Do ALS twitches go away when exercising and walking? When I walk and do things I dont have the twitches.

I guess I feel stuck because I cannot have a EMG while pregnant..It just isn't safe- Stress and anxiety has taken over me..I cry all the time b/c I am scared. Any info would be great....:?
God Bless you all- Your in my prayers.
Hi DeeDee. Welcome to our little corner of the world. We don't have any doctors here but from what you describe ALS should be far, far from your mind. Being pregnant might rule out some tests for you but if your GP thinks you need further testing there are tests that can rule out other things or confirm some other things. The thing you need to do is not read too much into your symptoms. Stress can make most things worse. Talk to your doctor and ask him or her if you need a refferal to a Neuro. Take care.
Al-God Bless You Love!


Thank you SO much for your response. I know your not a Doctor, but I know you are ALSO highly EDUCATED in this disease. There are so many changes and horomonal things going on right now with me its CRAZY! Not to mention Ive always been on axiety meds and now I cannot take any..So if you can imagine ! :neutral:
May God Bless YOU every day hon. I was hoping so dearly you would be the one to respond! I am going to talk to my OBGYN Thursday when I have my ultra sound done to find out the Sex! If he see's fit for me to go to a NEURO then I will willingly go.
Thank You again for your time...

Sincerely, DeeDee:mrgreen:

I don't mean to frighten you, but I think you should read the information in the link below about taking Lexapro during pregnancy and may want to share this with your MD. Actually, most ssris are probably contraindicated during pregnancy (unless there are compelling reasons for taking them).

Hey hon! NO your NOT frightening me AT ALL! I have discontinued LEXAPRO as of yesterday..Today is my 2nd day off.. I went from whole tablet to half tablet to NONE! I have had EXTREME HIGH ANXIETY along w/ what I think is causing the TWITCHING with LEXAPRO..In my time of fright I have also thought suicide. NOT THAT I WOULD DO IT...but......its scary thoughts.
I go to my OBGYN Wed's...I am gonna tell him then NO MORE LEXAPRO for me.... :) Thank you VDM and again NO u didnt scare me..I appreciate the link .:-D
I took Zoloft all through my last pregnancy. It is approved for use during pregnancy. My son turned out just fine and I didn't have to go off my meds cold turkey. Talk with your psychiatrist and find out what you can do to stay mentally healthy during the next several month.
Lexapro is in a different sub-class than Zoloft and it's sister, Paxil.
Thankz CCOX

Thank you CCOX ! I Will be speaking to him. It seems that the LEXAPRO is causing my twitching and if you look @ the side effects given from lexapro thats one of the main ones. I dont like that! thanx for ur input!:mrgreen:
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