24 yr old male Bulbar ALS concerns

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Mar 14, 2024
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Hello I am a 24 year old male with concerns of bulbar ALS.

For about 2 months I have been having shortness of breath I have went to the doctor twice about this. The first time they did a Xray and an EKG and all came back fine the next time they checked my breathing and everything was fine again. I have also been having unusual amounts of saliva buildup.
Also when talking I feel that I have to catch my breath and my voice is more hoarse than usual.
I do not have any problem swallowing but since researching have noticed some differences in my swallowing. I feel it in my nose when I drink water or eat. Nothing has come out of my nose but more of a burning sensation.
Lastly this past week I had a migraine on the left side of my face everyday that week. The migraines have passed however now I feel a bit of numbness and a weird feeling on that side of my face.
I have looked into bulbar ALS and online I am concerned that I may have it do to the similarity of the symptoms. However when I let my doctor know about it he mostly just dismissed it.
Definitely am looking for some guidance thank you.
Hi Ed-

Please read here: Read Before Posting to reassure yourself about why your issues do not point towards ALS. Symptoms that come and go, sensory issues and migraines are not at all related to ALS.

If you have been to a doctor, and they have not detected neurological issues, this is not a dismissal of your worries, but an assertion that your symptoms are something else. Keep working with your doctor to get to the bottom of them, but it is time to leave ALS behind as a worry. Researching ALS is likely doing you a disservice, as it means you are not open to hearing what your doctor says about what your symptoms may actually mean.

If you have any further questions about your symptoms, your doctor is the person to whom you must bring them.

Take care
Thank you for your kind response. I just typed in my symptoms and ALS popped up and it was very scary. It’s actually been holding me back from my life thinking I have it for the past two months.
I will continue working with my doctor thank you.
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