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Feb 6, 2019

I am a 23 year old male and Ive been having 24/7 muscle twitches on both of my legs ( right leg a bit more than my left).

I think it all started 3+ months ago, maybe even longer back but thats when I first noticed them. I feel like since I noticed them and constantly thinking about them they got worse.

Of course "Dr Google" did his part making me think of the worst possible outcome.

From what I have read here, ALS doesnt make much sense because I am to young and I am also able to run op stairs, walk on toes and heels just fine. I dont notice any limitation during my daily live.

I also get random twitches elsewhere on my body like yesterday on my nose for a couple hours, but those go away. They simply just stay in both of my calves and do their "work" there 24/7.

At this point I am just pretty annoyed and would like to know what you guys recommend I should do to figure out what this is.

Does this sound like a classic case of BFS?

I have an appointment at my neuro scheduled for mid march but would like to get as much input and information as possible.

Thank you guys very much for your help!
You should not be here, make an appointment with your medical doctor, he or your neurologist is the place to start.
Write down in detail all of your symptoms and take a copy with you to your appointments. Even better if your DRs will view it is to furnish them the information in advance so they can review. But, in any event take a copy with you and make certain you cover all symptoms with your medical team.
I’m going to be more definitive here and tell you flat out that you aren’t describing ALS at all.

The hallmark of ALS is muscle function failure, for example, not being able to rise up on your toes or heels or fasten a button or remove a peel-off tab when you were able to do these things previously . if you don’t have failure of this nature, then you do not have ALS no matter how often or where in your body you have twitching .

Twitching in the absence of muscle function failure is common, nonspecific, and meaningless. Normal healthy people twitch. About 70% of people will experience unexplained muscle twitching during their lives.

So you might have BFS. You could also have dehydration or some sort of muscle strain. It doesn’t hurt to see a doctor for an evaluation if you are concerned .
I wanna thank all of you guys for your replies!

Ill def. report back after I visit my neurologist, so there will be a reference for people that might have the same problems as I have going on.

All the best to you and stay strong!
You twitch? So do 70% of healthy people. You have, I would hazard to guess, coughed in the past couple of days. Did you automatically jump to stage 4 metastatic lung cancer? Of course not. But that is exactly what you are doing with twitching. When you hear hoofbeats think horses not zebras. If you are still worried, see a doctor.
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