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Mar 24, 2018
Learn about ALS
Hi, everyone, before I say anything, let me say that I’m a REALLY anxious person. I have really bad social anxiety, health anxiety, basically any form of anxiety.

About 8 months ago, I ended up getting this bad pain that basically started at my lower back, that migrated to my left arm, to the left chest, which scared me because I thoght I was having a heart attack (absolutely terrified). The pain only happened 2 months later again but this time it was excruciatingly painful to the point that I was walking bent from the pain. I went to the school nurse and she told me I was too young for a heart attack, and that it could’ve been my anxiety. After a couple weeks, I got the pain again, but told myself it was nothing, it eventually left.

I forgot to add, when I had these pains, I felt some clicking sensations on my chest and got spasms in my lower back and arm. After that, the pain was gone for a little while. About 2 months later, I get this job at Waffle House, to get some type of money. Well, I ended up getting some pain in my big toes (both), I pressume due to overworking those toes.

I go home, and feel that my big toes were incredibly numb, still had mobility but were really numb, and I THINK I’ve had this for quite some while now, just didn’t pay attention to it until now.

The next day, I noticed I had some twitches in my body. I search up on Google and there were pages saying it could be a megnesium deficiency. I did what a lot of people would do, and picked up a banana hoping the twitches would go, and to my surprise, they didn’t...

A couple of weeks later, I stare into the mirror making weird faces (because I’m weird like that, lol), and I stuck my tongue out to see that it was quivering and againC I’m not sure if I’ve had this for a while now, but just realized itbat that moment. I type it up on Google, and what do I see, “ALS, ALS, ALS!” and I got so scared amd was in so much panic, you could not believe, because I saw that twitches were on it, too as a symptom.

It’s now been 5 months with the twitching and tongue quivering and feel no clinical weakness or anything like that, except if I clench or tense my muscles outta my natural instinct. I should also mention that I have trouble swallowing my saliva sometimes whenever I overthink the fact of me swallowing? Idk.

I must also add that I stutter and stammer quite frequently but this has been through childhood and was told in school that I had a speech disability, so this is where I’m also gonna say... I have a hard time saying some words such as “remember” and so fourth, but ONLY when I use it in a conversation.

My hands feel tingly, my pinky twitches uncontrollably when I lay it out, almost daily. My legs feel shaky when i walk down the stairs and I sometimes stumble when I walk but it isn’t too noticeable.

3 weeks ago I ended up getting sick from my throat, and it started with terrible throat pain and a runny nose. I ended up losing my voice prior that time.

I would also cough to the point that mucus would come out my throat. 3 three weeks now, I’m feeling better but still cough quite a lot (dry coughs, nonetheless.) And I can’t do a high pitched squeel much because I guess I’m still kinda sick. Last night I went to the hospital because I suffered a really bad panic attack, I thought “enough is ENOUGH!” and I ended up going to the doctors at like 10 PM.

Doctors told me I had high blood pressure and that supposedly the twitching is all due to anxiety and stress. After reading all of my symptoms, what do you guys honestly think is wrong with me?

Is it a cause for concern? I’ll also add that I get sleep paralysis quite frequently and I have those 'jerks' when I try to sleep.

Do you guys think my severe anxiety is causing this, or it’s actual an illness? There isn’t a minute or day where I don’t think about the possibilities of ALS. Though, I understand it’s extremely rare for my age, it still comes up. Does someone also share these symptoms? Any advice? Let me know, please.

I should also add that when my tongue quivers, it only does it in a certain angle and you can kinda feel it. But when I stick it out, I see like three pulses that I cannot feel. Also, I find it really difficult to even cough. I can kinda do it, but it’s wimpy, and this happened today. My mouth is also very dry. I went to the doctor's today and they said they didn’t see anything wrong with my throat.
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Seriously kid, go back and edit that monolithic hunk of text to have paragraphs.

It might actually be readable
Of the 1,012 brick of words you posted, flooded with symptoms, you can relax... none of it indicates ALS.

It is a near perfect description of severe anxiety (To which you have admitted, It's good you're not in denial about it).

It almost mirrors a clinical study summary of severe anxiety.

Continue to work with your doctors but give your anxiety some comfort it is not ALS.

PS. Thanks for breaking that brick into reasonable paragraphs. Changes nothing though.

Good luck in getting the help and treatment you need.
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You ask, do we think this is anxiety or another illness?

It has all the hallmarks of anxiety. I would seek counseling for health anxiety. I take it you may already be in counseling but maybe you need a new approach. Referrals to new possibilities are a call or email away.

Life at 18 should be healthy and happy. Life is too short to waste in trips to your school nurse, ER and the doc, watching your tongue in the mirror, etc. when you have the physical abilities that people here would give basically everything to have.

Sometimes I say, try living life as if you're completely well, even if you don't believe it, but I don't think you can. A counselor can help you get to that point. So can getting out and doing things that are fun, instead of worrying and testing. It may seem daunting but like all habits, you get into it.

This is not the place for you, though, which is excellent news.

Thank you for those words. I haven’t been to the clinic yet, but it’s something I’m strongly considering doing.
consider it a lot.

anxiety can ruin a life worse than most any "physical" dz.

take it from a old guy.

good luck
Thank you, guys, so much. With my anxiety, it’s getting to the point that I can’t even enjoy anything anymore. I can’t smile, I can’t even laugh. I understand that I probably come off as annoying when I freak out over these symptoms, but it’s almost inevitable not to bother someone about it.
Work with your doctor. Maybe some routine blood work will put your mind at ease. Bananas are not great sources of magnesium.

I'd suggest giving up all sources of caffeine, getting lots of exercise, getting plenty of restful sleep, staying off health forums and limiting your time on the Internet. Drink lots of water and eat healthy meals.

You definitely don't need to be on this forum. Keep working on getting your anxiety under control.

Best wishes.
One of the best self help treatments for anxiety is... humor.

Instead of Googling your symptoms, medical web sites and staying on this Forum...

You Tube your favorite comedian, turn on the Comedy Channel, go to funny movies buy a joke book. Ooops... I forgot. Find a joke app... I think that's what is called today. :)

Re-focus young man... many of us still have a sense of humor. We even have sub-Forums here dedicated to jokes and laughter. :)

Give laughter a chance. Sign off from here.
Thanks. I have also tried eating a bunch of almonds for a week, and nothing different happened. Do you think it could just be bfs? Also, what is having me super worried is the fact that I have difficulties coughing and my throat feels a little lumpy/tight.
I appreciate it. Anxiety can be REALLY REALLY stressful and difficult to live with. I can’t even tell apart real danger anymore. I am planning on doing something else, other than obsessing over my symptoms when in reality, could be nothing. I spent the WHOLE day thinking, and obsessing over my symptoms on the internet. I think it’s time for something different, now. Thank you, guys, so much. I feel so relieved.
Finally (I hope)...

t’s been known for some time that laughter can serve as a great supplemental therapy for anxiety

It increases feel good chemicals like dopamine and simply makes you relax.

Please try what I posted above. Do this first... don't reply.
I see you're still on the forum. Sitting on your A$$ all day reading posts from dying people and their caregivers is not healthy for someone with anxiety. Please help yourself by staying off the forum.

You're young and should be going to the gym or just walking. If you really want to try the magnesium theory on the twitches, take some magnesium supplements but don't be surprised if you still twitch.

People who work on computers and spend hours and hours on computers have more health issues than those who don't.
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