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Mar 5, 2007
I'm new to the group, so I hope I don't break any rules. Here is my story:

11-year old identical twin girl developed weakness in her left arm and atrophy in her shoulder blade. Then from there, her weakness went to a left foot drop. She then developed right arm weakness and then right lower extremity weaness. She was a starter on her softball team and loved riding horses. Symptoms began in April, 2005 and 8 months later, she stopped walking. By March, 2006, she needs ventilated.
I'm just curious if anyone has heard of and/or tried colloidial silver? If so, what kind of effects did you have; positive or negative?

Thank you.

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Hi Mike. I'll assume this is your daughter you are speaking of because you don't specify. Firstly we have a lot of people here talking about removing silver fillings to combat the symptoms of ALS so I can see no earthly reason to knowingly put something in your body that is arguably toxic. Secondly any supplements you find on the internet are usually multi level marketing schemes or pyramid scams as we like to call them. Are you selling this stuff or just seriously looking for information for your daughter. 99.9% of the first posters don't put an email address unless they want to be contacted about a product. Has this young lady been diagnosed with anything? You're leaving out a lot of details here which tends to make me suspicious. You could send me a Private Message if you'd like.
Well, actually it's my niece (forgot to mention that). And, nope, I'm not selling anytying...I'm just an honest, forthright man with nothing to hide trying to save this little girl. From what I've read, it's the mercury in the fillings and not so much the silver. Those that do have some component of silver in their fillings have a different form of the silver. Much like iron; different irons are good for you whereas other forms are toxic. The silver that I am looking at is not a multi-level marketing scam...much to my surprise. I thought it would be, too. I'm acutely aware of those scams. Just curious if anyone has tried it.

From what I've read is that nobody knows the cause of ALS/MND, except for the Guam-form. Their is no family history and there were no SOD-gene mutations. All neuromuscular testing was negative. A geneticist at Johns Hopkins has told us the odds are astronomical that one twin could have ALS/MND and the other one doesn't. Our feeling is that since nobody knows the etiology of ALS/MND, something has to trigger it; environmental, bacterial, viral, or fungal. This colloidial silver claims to be toxic to the bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the body.

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Hi Mike,

Reading your post makes me very sad, knowing there is such a young person battling a stormy course like hers. I know you can't help but think what happened, and it must be something happened. It is so frustrating wondering which virus or fungus, and why her sibling didn't get the same virus or fungus or the loads of other hypotheses that are out there.

I'm no help to you as far as the colloidal silver, but I couldn't help but to write and tell you how sorry I am for your niece. I think you are a wonderful Uncle for looking for answers. Unfortunately, most of the members of this site say that if it is not scientifically proven through studies, it's not true and we shouldn't waste out health, time or money.

By the way, has she been on antifungals, antivirals, etc.?

Good luck to you and your niece. I hope, with all my heart, that this turns around for her and the doctor's find out what it going on. Leslie
Good morning Mike. Sorry about your niece. I applaud you for trying to find something that will help but if you do a google search on this product you will find there has been no proven scientific evidence that it works. One site says it has been used for hundreds of years and the other says thousands of years and says gold mixed with water was given to children and even quotes from the bible. So gold is good and so is silver they are saying Wikipedia says this stuff can be toxic. I'd be looking for something else. At least with the chinese herbs we know they have been around a long time.
Mike -

I am very sorry to hear about your niece and it sounds like you have just begun an internet search of "cures." Be forewarned. The world and internet are teeming with unscrupulous people who apparently exist for the sole purpose of taking your money. There are no depths to which these people will not sink. If you contact them directly they will tell you that they can cure your niece and, likely, that they are the only people who can provide a true cure. They will produce testimonials from people who will say they had exactly the same symptoms your niece has but have been cured (for a price, of course). Think about it. If there were really a cure for ALS out there do you think you'd have to find out about it from an obscure website?

Encourage your relative to have your niece evaluated at an ALS clinic and/or at a major medical center (like Mass General, Mayo, Cleveland Clinic). Don't get sucked into the altie-world. Alternative treatments are very effective at treating people who are not really sick and believe in the "cures" they are offered. Alternative medicine, however, is terrible at treating true disease.

As for colloidal silver:
Thanks you guys- this is the kind of information I am looking for.

Leslie- no, she has't been on any anti-virals yet. Although, it really didn't present like a viral illness and especially didn't really have a fever. She did once test for West Nile Virus, but the doctors thought it might be a false-positive due to her having IVIg's. She has been on the anti-fungal Diflucan for awhile...I think we started that daily in June and went about 5 months, with no real results. I don't recall the dosage. Would you recommend trying it for longer?

Al- I have been googling it and finding what you've been finding...kind of scary.
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