101 uses for a shoe horn or time for Pants with elasticized waists

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Jun 20, 2005
As a result of a combination of my hands getting progressively weaker - and the beginnings of a middle age spread - lately I've been having a lot of trouble buttoning up my trousers in the morning.

If I don't get the button done on the first try - my hands get progressively weaker with each subsequent try - and I then have to try a number of different approaches, angles and gymnastic maneouvers to get the button done. I've got a button puller - but that does not help. Sometimes I've had to leave the house with my pants unbuttoned.

Today - I was wearing pants I had just washed - so they were especially tight. I was wearing a dress shirt and an undershirt - and I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to button my pants up with these two items tucked in - so I untucked them and, as a result, was able to button my pants - but then I didn't have the strength to tuck in my shirt and undershirt.

I looked around an noticed my long metal shoe horn - so I grabbed that and started shoe horning my shirt and undershit into my pants. Ta Dah! It worked!

I think it's time to buy some pants with an elasticized waist and no buttons :)

It sounds like we may be at similar stages. I too struggle with the top button, particularly with freshly washed pants. I was given a pair of pants for Christmas that look like regular khaki dress pants but have some stretch in the material (not just the waistband). They are much easier to button and I've gotten another pair. They came from Costco but I imagine they are carried in most men's clothing stores.
I just don't undo my buttons. Wash them with the buttons done up and pull them up and do the belt. I can still do belts but not buttons or zippers. I wear mostly golf shirts or sweaters not tucked in. It's a real chore to get the shirt tucked in. I have only worn a dress shirt once in 8 months. I had put little key rings on my zippers before my hands got too weak to do even that. Wife does shirt buttons and tucks down collars for me and does up coat zipper. I'd look like a bum and freeze without her.
I too struggle with the pant buttons. Can get particularly embarassing in public restrooms with people standing behind you waiting to do their, um, business.

I have a device to help me with shirt buttons but it doesn't work on pant buttons. Interestingly I can pull up the zippers on pants okay but jacket zippers are murder. Ain't ALS grand:)
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